Directed by Noah Buschel
FEATURE NARRATIVE 88 Minutes World Premiere
Major-league rookie pitcher Hopper Gibson (Johnny Simmons) has lost his focus. After choking on the mound, he’s sent down to the minors and prescribed sessions with an unorthodox sports therapist (Paul Giamatti), who pushes him to uncover the origins of his anxiety. Beneath it all is his fraught relationship with his overbearing ex-con father (Ethan Hawke), whose tough love is the source of both his success and his paralysis. The Phenom is not your typical sports movie; TFF alumnus Noah Buschel (Glass Chin) brings depth and complexity to this gripping psychological portrait of an athlete at a crossroads in the big-league sports grind.

—Genna Terranova
Drama, Sports, NY Director(s)
About the Director(s)
Buschel's body of work includes Glass Chin (TFF 2014), Sparrows Dance, The Missing Person, Neal Cassady and Bringing Rain.

Film Info
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  • Year:
  • Length:
    88 minutes
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  • Premiere:
Cast & Credits
  • Screenwriter:
    Noah Buschel
  • Executive Producer:
    Aaron L. Gilbert, Gregory P. Shockro, Yul Vazquez
  • Production Designer:
    Sam Lisenco
  • Composer:
    Aleks De Carvalho
  • Cinematographer:
    Ryan Samul
  • Co-Producer:
    Louise Lovegrove
  • Director:
    Noah Buschel
  • Casting by:
    Billy Hopkins
  • Producer:
    Kim Jose, Antonia Bogdanovich
  • Cast:
    Johnny Simmons, Ethan Hawke, Paul Giamatti, Alison Elliott, Yul Vazquez, Sophie Kennedy Clark, Marin Ireland, Elizabeth Marvel, Paul Adelstein, Louisa Krause, Frank Wood