Directed by Katharine O'Brien
FEATURE NARRATIVE 105 Minutes World Premiere
After a memorable introduction at a party, aspiring songwriter Hannah (Juno Temple) falls under the spell of talented record producer Theo Ross (Simon Pegg). As they become fast friends and begin to collaborate, Hannah discovers that Theo is a schizophrenic who refuses to take his medication. As Hannah’s career begins to take off, Theo’s condition worsens, and he lashes out at friends trying to help him. Undeterred, Hannah undertakes the difficult task of helping Theo salvage his place in the unforgiving Los Angeles music industry while at the same time getting him into treatment. The numerous obstacles thrown in her way reveal the disturbing inadequacies of mental health care in America.

A handheld camera adds to the naturalistic cinematography, which creates the perfect look and atmosphere for Katharine O’Brien’s intimate character study and intense look at the devastating impact of mental illness when help is nearly impossible to find. Featuring Bria Vinaite and Tribeca alum Robert Schwartzman (Dreamland), the film allows Alexandra Daddario to shine in a fun, supporting turn as a spoiled pop princess.

—Karen Kemmerle
About the Director(s)
Katharine O'Brien wrote and directed Lost Transmissions, which is inspired by a true story. She also co-wrote The Automatic Hate, which premiered at SXSW. She studied English literature at Wellesley and earned an MFA in Film at Columbia. Katharine was born in Santa Barbara, California and currently lives in Los Angeles.

Film Info
  • Section:
    Spotlight Narrative
  • Year:
  • Length:
    105 minutes
  • Language:
  • Country:
  • Premiere:
Cast & Credits
  • Co-Producers :
    Craig Newman, Alyssa Swanzey, Jo Henriquez
  • Casting Directors :
    Jessica Kelly, Kate Geller
  • Music Director:
    Marius De Vries
  • Executive Producer:
    Thomas Benski, Brian Levy, Bo An, Alan Li, Katharine O’Brien, Robert Schwartzman
  • Production Designer:
    Tom Castronovo
  • Cast:
    Simon Pegg, Juno Temple, Alexandra Daddario, Tao Okamoto, Bria Vinaite, Robert Schwartzman
  • Editor:
    Yannis Chalkiadakis
  • Post-Production Supervisor:
    Anthony Brandonisio
  • Cinematographer:
    Arnau Valls Colomer
  • Screenwriter:
    Katharine O'Brien
  • Costume Designer:
    Malcolm Bacani
  • Director:
    Katharine O'Brien
  • Co-Producer:
    Alyssa Swanzey, Craig Newman, Jo Henriquez
  • Producer:
    Filip Jan Rymsza, Tory Lenosky, Al Di, Olga Kagan
  • Composer:
    Hugo Nicolson