Directed by Bryan Buckley
FEATURE NARRATIVE 117 Minutes World Premiere
When rookie writer and proud Canadian Jay Bahadur (Evan Peters) has a chance encounter with his journalist idol (Al Pacino), he decides to uproot his life in the name of research for his first book. Abandoning his comfortable life, he moves to Somalia to investigate a still-unfolding situation with pirates off the country’s coast. It’s 2008 and the cargo vessel MV Faina has just been hijacked. Based on a true story, Dabka follows a naïve young journalist’s headlong dive into a country he has no business being in. A free agent without government support or a publishing deal, Jay bucks conventions to conduct a raw, on the ground investigation. Director Bryan Buckley takes a cinematic look at Bahadur’s ill-planned adventure as it becomes a tale of honor, resilience and friendship. Featuring Melanie Griffith as Jay’s mother, Barkhad Abdi as his translator and main local contact, and supporting cast of Somali non-actors.

—Elizabeth Rao
Drama, TFF Alumni
About the Director(s)
Bryan Buckley is the director of the films Asad (Tribeca Film Festival 2012, Academy Award® Nominee 2013), The Bronze and upcoming release, Dabka. He is known for his extensive commercial work, directing more than 50 Super Bowl spots.
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Film Info
Cast & Credits
  • Executive Producer:
    Jane Rosenthal, Phil Hunt, Compton Ross, Hilary Davis, Stephen Kelliher, Peter Pastorelli, Michael S Murphy, Robin Shenfield, Hank Perlman, Kevin Byrne, Bryan Buckley, Phil Crowe
  • Director:
    Bryan Buckley
  • Key Cast:
    Al Pacino
  • Editor:
    Jay Nelson
  • Co-Producer:
    Jeremy Newmark
  • Cast:
    Evan Peters, Barkhad Abdi, Melanie Griffith, Al Pacino
  • Cinematographer:
    Scott Henriksen
  • Composer:
    Andrew Feltenstein, John Nau
  • Producer:
    Mino Jarjoura, Matt Lefebvre, Claude Dal Farra, Irfaan Fredericks
  • Screenwriter:
    Bryan Buckley