Directed by Emily Cohn
FEATURE NARRATIVE 81 Minutes World Premiere
Best friends Izzy (Isabelle Barbier), Anuka (Deeksha Ketkar), and Fiona (Sadie Scott) are on a bubbly quest to lose their virginities before freshman year ends. They are provided with the perfect opportunity in the shape of a Crush Party organized by the coolest girl on campus—Elise (Isabelle Kenet). Their journey there is dotted by colorful and tongue-in-cheek reenactments of their social media, and sprinkled with anecdotes from campus life.

By the end of the night none of the girls have ended up quite where, or with the person, they thought they would. As a dejected Izzy stumbles out of the back seat of the campus officer's car, she questions whether she shouldn't have stayed in to study for her final instead. Everything and everyone looks different in the morning light which brings reconciliations and fresh ideas—maybe what Izzy was looking for was in front of her the whole time! It’s refreshing to see female sexuality presented in such a light, humorous way, and director Emily Cohn captures both the exciting, and the cringey moments all too realistically. The summer ahead looks bright.

—Jule Rozite
Animation, Comedy, Drama, LGBTQIA
About the Director(s)
Emily Cohn is a New York City-based filmmaker. She had a web series featured in The New York Times. Tribeca Film Institute funded her first short film, which won Best Drama at the 2012 All American High School Film Festival. CRSHD is her leap into feature-length films.

Film Info
Cast & Credits
  • Animation:
    Sean Buckelew
  • Costume Design:
    Ruth Arden Lewsis, Official Rebrand
  • 1st AD:
    Jet de Waal
  • Composer:
    Matthew Liam Nicholson
  • Editor:
    Emily Cohn, Michelle Botticelli
  • Cast:
    Isabelle Barbier, Deeksha Ketkar, Sadie Scott, Will Janowitz, L.H. González, Abdul Seidu
  • Executive Producer:
    Judy McGrath
  • Cinematographer:
    Saaniya Zaveri
  • Producer:
    Emily Cohn, Jennifer George, Abby Pucker, Barrett Rouen
  • Screenwriter:
    Emily Cohn
  • Director:
    Emily Cohn
  • Production Designer:
    Wulfahrt Blankfield
  • Associate Producer:
    Michelle Botticelli, Hilary Rosenfeld, Thomas Rowley, Jasper Soloff, Giampaolo Tai

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    Tarek Shoukri
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    Emily Cohn
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    Nathaniel Baruch
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