Directed by Matthew Heineman
FEATURE DOCUMENTARY 90 Minutes New York Premiere
Academy Award®-nominated director Matthew Heineman (Cartel Land, TFF 2015) returns with another immersive documentary from the front lines of one of the most dangerous places on Earth. In City of Ghosts, Heineman focuses his camera on the heroic citizen-journalists of Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently (RBSS), who take great risks in order to document Islamic State atrocities in their home city. While the work of RBSS has attracted international media attention, the stories of the individuals behind it, their lives and their personal strength through adversity, provide a unique perspective on the ongoing Syrian conflict. City of Ghosts also offers a captivating window into the media war being fought between ISIS’s propaganda team and the RBSS journalists, as it follows the perilous journey of RBSS members as they continue their work, even in the face of insurmountable odds.

—Deborah Rudolph
About the Director(s)
Matthew Heineman’s previous film Cartel Land was nominated for an Academy Award®, and won three Primetime Emmys®, the Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Documentary Award from the DGA, and the Courage Under Fire Award from the International Documentary Association. Previously, Heineman directed and produced the Emmy®-nominated feature-length documentary Escape Fire.

Film Info
Cast & Credits
  • Composers:
    Jackson Greenberg, H. Scott Salinas
  • Editors:
    Matthew Hamachek, Pax Wassermann, Matthew Heineman
  • Co-Producers:
    Juan Camilo Cruz, Matthew Hamachek, Joedan Okun, Maya Seidler
  • Producer:
    Matthew Heineman
  • Executive Producers:
    Alex Gibney, Molly Thompson, Elaine Frontain Bryant, David Fialkow, Stacey Offman, Robert Sharenow, Maiken Baird
  • Director:
    Matthew Heineman
  • Sales Agent:
    John Sloss
  • Cinematographer:
    Matthew Heineman