Directed by Ian Roderick Gray and Dylan Harvey
FEATURE DOCUMENTARY 79 Minutes World Premiere
The equally mysterious and notorious artist Banksy dominates tales from the world of street art, but in The Banksy Job, the spotlight shines on another character—the gritty, charismatic, and larger-than-life, AK47—an ex-porn star and acid rave promoter turned self-anointed ‘art terrorist.’ Declaring himself the villain to Banksy’s hero, AK47 sets out to swipe a well known piece of Banksy’s public art, in broad daylight, in Central London, no less. The ensuing heist thriller is told to us by AK47 himself, and a highly entertaining art-world caper begins. Blurring the lines between what is fiction and what is fact, Ian Roderick Gray and Dylan Harvey's debut film is a rollicking ride, a frenetic and adrenaline-fueled crime caper that catapults its audience from the London art scene to its underground, making for a feature film experience (almost) as wild, unbelievable, and insane as its protagonist.

—Deborah Rudolph
About the Director(s)
Both Dylan and Ian are award-winning writers, directors, and producers. Dylan kicked off his career as a scriptwriter and now directs short films, documentaries, promos, music videos, and comedy sketches. Ian’s work centers around commericals, music video, promos, and fashion films.

Film Info
Cast & Credits
  • Screenwriter:
    Ian Roderick Gray, Dylan Harvey
  • Composer:
  • Cinematographer:
    Anthony Dias
  • Executive Producer:
    David Adair, Hamish Jenkinson, Thomas Atherton, James Edward Marks
  • Producer:
    Christine Alderson, Alex Hurle
  • Director:
    Ian Roderick Gray, Dylan Harvey
  • Cast:
    Andy Link
  • Editor:
    Anton Short