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Argusproject web 1


  • Release Year: 2016
  • Runtime: 0 minutes
  • Directed By: Gan Golan
  • Country: USA
A 2016 TFI New Media Fund grantee, The Argus Project is a trans-media project that directly intersects the public debate over police accountability. At the center stands a suit of tactical counter-surveillance armor embedded with body cameras that offers a simple question: “If the police wear body armor to protect themselves while in public, what must “The Public” wear to protect themselves from the police?" Video projections surround the suit featuring former officers, activists, and family members directly impacted by police violence, creating a space for a real conversation on police violence—one that our country desperately needs. |Read More
Ark web 2


  • Release Year: 2016
  • Runtime: 0 minutes
  • Directed By: Kel O'Neill and Eline Jongsma
  • Country: USA, Netherlands
The northern white rhinoceros is the most endangered animal on the planet. Only three remain, and they are protected at all times by armed bodyguards. The Ark is a virtual reality documentary that puts viewers face-to-face with the last northern white rhinos, and tells the story of the global coalition scientists who are fighting to rescue the species from extinction. |Read More
Female Director(s)
Biidaaban  mathew borrett  1


  • Release Year: 2018
  • Runtime: 7 minutes
  • Country: Canada
The town square has flooded, buildings and subways have merged with local flora, and indigenous languages and knowledge are thriving in a radically different future Toronto. Here, in the future, people have found a connection to the past. As a work of indigenous futurism, Biidaaban explores how the languages of native peoples can provide a framework for understanding our place in the world and open up a space for new imaginings of the future. |Read More
Experimental, Female Director(s)
Tff17 blackout scatter 1


  • Release Year: 2017
  • Runtime: 10 minutes
  • Directed By: Mei-Ling Wong, Alexander Porter, James George, and Yasmin Elayat
  • Country: USA
Blackout is an ongoing participatory, volumetric VR project gathering the reflections of real people living in today’s tense political climate through the lens of the New York subway. By creating a rotating, ‘crowd-sourced’ cast, Blackout addresses the impossible task of representing the extraordinary breadth of human experience in New York City. Each viewing of Blackout is different, surrounding you with a unique group of straphangers taking you to the places their minds go between destinations. |Read More
Choose your own documentary web 1


  • Release Year: 2014
  • Runtime: 0 minutes
  • Country: UK
Inspired by the Choose Your Own Adventure books of the 1980s, Choose Your Own Documentary tells the story of Nathan Penlington’s discovery of a diary tucked away in one of these books and his attempts to unravel its many mysteries. Part comedy stand-up, part documentary, this is a unique live interactive experience in which the audience plays a vital role. With over 1,566 possible versions, and multiple endings, every performance is different and the audience votes on the path the documentary takes. Where will the story lead? How will the story end? You decide. |Read More
Gb 5zup2bmblczjy8hjcwbq8yet2vysq8zt5uvj ea0


  • Release Year: 2014
  • Country: USA
A new generation of artists and hackers is emerging and creating tools for poetic and socially engaged experiments in art, storytelling, and technology. 3D-scanned conversations from this community form a network of ideas explored in a non-linear documentary that is assembled from code, bringing form and content together in a truly exciting way. Clouds will be presented as both an interactive installation and in virtual reality on the Oculus Rift. |Read More
Collider  nichon gleron  01 wb lr ubg


  • Release Year: 2019
  • Runtime: 40 minutes
  • Country: UK
Enter The Collider, a machine built to decipher the mysteries of human relationships. The is an immersive virtual and theatrical experience exploring power, dependency, and the space between people. |Read More
Experimental, Documentary, Art
Deep web 1


  • Release Year: 2015
  • Runtime: 0 minutes
  • Directed By: Owen Harris and Niki Smit
  • Country: Ireland, Netherlands
DEEP VR is a meditative and psychoactive VR experience, controlled by the player’s breathing. Discover a beautiful underwater seascape where the world challenges, surprises, and comforts. Explore the ways in which VR can change our relationship with both body and mind. |Read More


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