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Acclaimed cinematographer Ellen Kuras, ASC, frequent collaborator with directors Michel Gondry and Spike Lee, takes you behind the camera, from choosing the right lenses to crafting a specific vision. Academy Award®-nominated for her directorial debut documentary film, The Betrayal – Nerakhoon, she will offer tips and provide examples from her work on films including Blow and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. |Read More
The new animated short film Escape utilizes exciting new imaging and sound technologies, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, to present a euphoric vision of the future. Join composer/sound designer Imogen Heap, directors Limbert Fabian and Brandon Oldenburg, and other members of the film’s creative team as they discuss how they used audio technologies to tell this compelling story. |Read More
Production designers, Ann Ross and Scott Dougan sit down with costume designers Kemal Harris, and Mary Cassidy Mosher, for a conversation about creating the overall look and feel of different worlds and times. Moderated by founder of the Bushwick Film Festival, Kweighbaye Kotee. |Read More
Digital technologies have profoundly impacted the way filmgoers consume movies and the business of releasing films – leading to new challenges and opportunities. Join Matthew Norman and Dan Truong from Amazon Video Direct and Richard Lorber, President and CEO of Kino Lorber, Inc. for an insightful conversation about the current state of independent film distribution and a look towards emerging distribution models, including Amazon’s innovative new Film Festival Stars program designed to establish an attractive distribution model for films screened at major film festivals. |Read More
Animation is one of film’s oldest forms, and it has captivated audiences for over a century. Today, Pixar Animation Studios, continues to create innovating and engaging stories, attracting audiences young and old. Please join us, as a director and producer from the studio, walk audiences through the creative and production process of a short film, from initial idea to finished product. You will get an inside look, behind the curtains of how a Pixar film is made. |Read More
American television writing duo, Robert and Michelle King, will sit down with The Daily Show Executive Producers Steve Bodow and Jennifer Flanz, to discuss what it takes to write and produce a compelling show and the grit required to churn out episodes that feel timely and fresh. The Kings are a Golden Globe Award and Emmy Award-nominated writing team. Their work on their two major hit series The Good Wife and The Good Fight touch on a wide range of issues, from political corruption to cyber-security -- making their shows simultaneously gripping and true to life. Bodow and Flanz have collectively won over 20 Primetime Emmy Awards for The Daily Show’s hilariously cutting political satire, garnering remarkable success and notoriety for the show. |Read More
Since 1927, sound has transported film audiences from the theater to the alternate realities projected on screen in front of them. From the haunting theme of Jaws to the lightsabers of Star Wars, filmmakers know that sound has the power to surprise, uplift, and terrify. But what if you’re a low-budget filmmaker working on a documentary without access to big studio budgets or musicians and sound teams? Join festival film creators from Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable including Director Aaron Lieber, Editor/Screenwriter Carol Martori, and Sound Mixer Jurgen Scharpf, along with film creators from No Greater Law, including Director Tom Dumican, and Composer Stuart Miller, as they discuss the art of designing sound and music that will stick with people long after watching a movie, no matter the size of your budget. Moderated by the Director of the Dolby Institute Glenn Kiser. |Read More
Depending on who you ask, Jaron Lanier either coined or popularized the term “virtual reality”. This computer scientist, author, and composer has been involved in both the industry and theory of virtual worlds for decades. As founder of one of the very first VR companies, VPL Research, Lanier led the team that developed the first VR Goggles as well as the legendary Data Glove. Known for his creative approach to the intersection between technology and the arts, Lanier exhibits a depth of knowledge and artistic freedom that keeps him in demand as a speaker. Most recently, Jaron has published the highly acclaimed Dawn of the New Everything: Encounters with Reality and Virtual Reality -- part personal memoir and part rumination on VR. For this masterclass, Lanier will speak about his prolific career and share his thoughts on the present and future of Virtual Reality as a medium. |Read More