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Keepquiet 1


  • Release Year: 2016
  • Runtime: 97 minutes
  • Directed By: Sam Blair and Joseph Martin
  • Country: U.K., Hungary
Passionate in his anti-Semitic beliefs, Csanád Szegedi was the rising star of Hungary's far-right party until he discovers his family's secret—his maternal grandparents were Jewish. The revelation prompts an improbable but seemingly heartfelt conversion from anti-Semite to Orthodox Jew. This captivating and confrontational film explores the complex and contradictory character of Szegedi, prompting deep questions about Szegedi's supposed epiphany. |Read More
Lovetrue copy


  • Release Year: 2016
  • Runtime: 82 minutes
  • Directed By: Alma Har'el
  • Country: USA
Alma Har’el, director and cinematographer of the 2011 TFF Best Documentary Feature Bombay Beach, returns with LoveTrue, a genre-bending documentary, demystifying the fantasy of true love. From an Alaskan strip club, a Hawaiian island, and the streets of NYC—revelatory stories emerge about a deeper definition of love. Set to a hypnotizing score by Flying Lotus and executive-produced by Shia LaBeouf. |Read More
Female Director(s), Documentary, Music, New York
Memories of a penitent heart original 1 web


  • Release Year: 2016
  • Runtime: 74 minutes
  • Directed By: Cecilia Aldarondo
  • Country: USA, Puerto Rico
Like many gay men in the 1980s, Miguel moved from Puerto Rico to New York City; he found a career in theater and a rewarding relationship. Yet, on his deathbed he grappled to reconcile his homosexuality with his Catholic upbringing. Now, decades after his death, his niece Cecilia locates Miguel’s estranged lover to understand the truth, and in the process opens up long-dormant family secrets. |Read More
Female Director(s), Documentary, Latino Director(s)
Tff17 no mans land 1


  • Release Year: 2017
  • Runtime: 81 minutes
  • Directed By: David Byars
  • Country: USA
“We are patriots,” utters one of the characters in David Byars' detailed, on-the-ground account of the standoff between protestors occupying Oregon's Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and federal authorities. That statement—believed to be true by the armed occupiers—underlines the film, which unspools in measured pace and slowly unpacks its loaded meaning. |Read More
Documentary, First Time Filmmaker
Tff17 the reagan show 1


  • Release Year: 2017
  • Runtime: 75 minutes
  • Directed By: Sierra Pettengill and Pacho Velez
  • Country: USA
Constructed entirely through 1980s network news and videotapes created by the Reagan administration itself, Velez and Pettengill’s prescient documentary presents Ronald Reagan as the first made-for-TV president—a man whose experience as a performer and public relations expert made him a unique match for an emerging modern political landscape, and for his chief rival: charismatic Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. |Read More
Female Director(s), Documentary, NY Director(s)
The return web 1


  • Release Year: 2016
  • Runtime: 84 minutes
  • Directed By: Kelly Duane de la Vega and Katie Galloway
  • Country: USA
How does one reintegrate into society after making peace with a life sentence? California’s controversial and notoriously harsh three-strikes law was repealed in 2012, consequently releasing large numbers of convicts back into society. The Return presents an unbiased observation of the many issues with re-entry through the varied experiences of recently freed lifers. |Read More
Female Director(s), Documentary
Tff17 river below 1


  • Release Year: 2017
  • Runtime: 86 minutes
  • Directed By: Mark Grieco
  • Country: USA, Colombia
Deep in the Amazon, a renowned marine biologist and a reality TV star are each working to save the indigenous pink river dolphin from being hunted to extinction. When a scandal erupts, ethical questions are raised as murky as the waters of the Amazon River. Mark Grieco’s (Marmato) surprising documentary digs into the ethics of activism in the modern media age. |Read More
Drama, Documentary, Environmental
Tff17 sensitives drewxanthopoulos 1


  • Release Year: 2017
  • Runtime: 83 minutes
  • Directed By: Drew Xanthopoulos
  • Country: USA
Meet the Sensitives, people who are debilitatingly sensitive to modern life—electricity, chemicals, you name it. Their symptoms and coping mechanisms might vary, but they all face the unusual and heartbreaking choice of either living in dangerous and uncertain conditions with their loved ones, or in physical and technological isolation. Director Drew Xanthopoulos captures their lives in cinematic verite style. |Read More
Documentary, First Time Filmmaker, Environmental
Tff17 shadowman 1


  • Release Year: 2017
  • Runtime: 83 minutes
  • Directed By: Oren Jacoby
  • Country: USA
In the early 1980s, Richard Hambleton was New York City’s precursor to Banksy, a rogue street artist whose silhouette paintings haunted the sides of Manhattan buildings. Like so many other geniuses of his time, he fell victim to drug addiction, even as his work continued to rise in both demand and value. Shadowman doubles as both a time capsule of a forgotten New York City era, and a redemption story. |Read More
Documentary, New York, NY Director(s), TFF Alumni
Tff17 suitable girl  naiti gamez  1


  • Release Year: 2017
  • Runtime: 97 minutes
  • Directed By: Sarita Khurana and Smriti Mundhra
  • Country: USA, India
Dipti, Amrita and Ritu are all young, modern women in India looking to get married—some desperately, some reluctantly. A Suitable Girl follows them over the course of four years as they juggle family, career and friends, intimately capturing their thoughts on arranged marriage, giving them a voice, and offering a unique perspective into the nuances of this institution. |Read More
Female Director(s), Documentary, NY Director(s), First Time Filmmaker, Asian American Director(s), TFF Alumni


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