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Film 12730572 photo1


  • Release Year: 2003
  • Runtime: 77 minutes
  • Country: France, Iraq
A peasant from the marshlands of southern Iraq journeys in a tiny boat up the Tigris to Baghdad, seeking medicine for his sick wife. The first feature shot in Iraq in more than a decade effectively mixes lyricism with documentary-style realism, capturing the final days of life under Saddam Hussein, whose regime confiscated five reels of this film that are now lost forever. |Read More
Film 12730987 photo1


  • Release Year: 2003
  • Runtime: 110 minutes
  • Country: Japan
A stunning revival of one of the iconic characters of Japanese popular culture -- Zatoichi, the blind masseur sworn to defend the innocent. Violent showdowns ensue when Zatoichi wanders into a town run by sinister gangs and a powerful samurai. In Japanese auteur Kitano's first period film, stylistically choreographed swordplay mixes with a multi-layered story, creating a powerful, wild romp. |Read More


  • Release Year: 2012
  • Runtime: 84 minutes
  • Directed By: Unjoo Moon
  • Country: USA
At 85, not only does Tony Bennett still have the smoothest pipes in the music business, he's got the kind of philosophy that has made him one of the most beloved and respected performers of the last six decades. Made with as much class and refinement as Tony himself, this is an insider's look at the icon as he records his latest duets collection with stars like Lady Gaga, Aretha Franklin, and—bittersweetly—Amy Winehouse.

Exclusively for American Express Cardmembers, Time Warner Cable, and Festival passholders. |Read More
Documentary, Music
Film 16735681 photo1


  • Release Year: 2008
  • Runtime: 93 minutes
  • Directed By: Andrew Muscato, Jonah Quickmire Pettigrew, and Andrew Jenks
  • Country: USA
Former New York Mets manager Bobby Valentine took his baseball expertise to Japan in 2004. This film follows a season in the life of an American who has become an admired icon-and a primary reason that baseball remains Japan's most popular sport. |Read More
Sports, Documentary
Zero charisma still1


  • Release Year: 2013
  • Runtime: 88 minutes
  • Country: USA
As the strict Game Master of a fantasy role-playing game, Scott (Sam Eidson) leads his friends in a weekly quest through mysterious lands from the safety of his grandmother’s kitchen. But his mastery of his own domain starts to slip — along with everything else in his life — when neo-nerd hipster Miles (Garrett Graham) joins the game, winning over the group with his confident charm and dethroning Scott with an unexpected coup. Caught in delusions of grandeur, Scott must roll the dice and risk everything to expose Miles as the fraud he believes him to be. A darkly comedic fable of epic proportions, Zero Charisma is an ode to nerds from every realm. |Read More
Zero motivation web 1


  • Release Year: 2014
  • Runtime: 101 minutes
  • Directed By: Talya Lavie
  • Country: Israel
Talya Lavie steps into the spotlight with a dark comedy about everyday life for a unit of young female Israeli soldiers. At the human resources office at a remote desert base, women bide their time pushing paper, battling for the top score in Minesweeper, and counting the minutes until they can return to civilian life. Amidst their boredom and clashing personalities, issues of commitment— from friendship to love and country—are handled with humor and sharp-edged wit. |Read More
Drama, Female Director(s), Female Screenwriter(s), Returning Filmmaker, First Time Filmmaker
Zoe  john guleserian  01


  • Release Year: 2018
  • Runtime: 104 minutes
  • Directed By: Drake Doremus
  • Country: UK, Canada
In a future world where cutting-edge technologies can simulate the high of true love, two colleagues at a revolutionary research lab yearn for a real connection. Starring Ewan McGregor and Léa Seydoux. |Read More
Drama, Science Fiction
Zombeavers web 1


  • Release Year: 2014
  • Runtime: 77 minutes
  • Directed By: Jordan Rubin
  • Country: USA
You know the story: sexy teens head to a secluded lakeside cabin for a weekend of debauched fun, only to be menaced by a mysterious force picking them off one by one. But here, the culprit proves to be a horde of rabid zombie beavers! The B-movie creature feature is making a comeback, and with two million views of its trailer in its fi rst two weeks alone, Zombeavers is a veritable phenomenon. And it’s fi nally here. |Read More
Action, Horror, Comedy


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