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  • Release Year: 2009
  • Runtime: 94 minutes
  • Directed By: Bette Gordon
  • Country: USA
Harry (Jamey Sheridan), a divorced father and former Navy man, lives a simple life. But when his dying best friend sparks Harry's drive to confront his past, buried secrets surface and force him to deal with painful memories. This unique and eloquent film also features Steve Buscemi, Aidan Quinn, John Savage, and Campbell Scott. |Read More
Drama, Female Director(s), Crime
Film 41264232 photo1


  • Release Year: 2009
  • Runtime: 109 minutes
  • Directed By: Michael Polish
  • Country: USA
Henry McCarthy (Mark Polish) returns home to give the commencement speech at his high school. But even after almost 20 years, it's as if he never left—he again wants the girl, gets suspended by the principal, and is grounded by his parents. This charming comedy, featuring Winona Ryder and Hilary Duff, reminds us that time certainly does fly and old flames are hard to put out. |Read More
Drama, Comedy
Film 42933777 photo1


  • Release Year: 2009
  • Runtime: 90 minutes
From the welter of Wall Street to the sleepy streets of City Island, every last inch of New York has a story to tell. Get your tickets now to see the film chosen as the best of the Fest by a panel of filmmakers and industry professionals who know a good New York story when they see one. |Read More
Film 43576592 photo1


  • Release Year: 2009
  • Runtime: 153 minutes
Join us for this FREE world premiere screening of a film that captures the live theatrical musical whose backstory is explored in Andrzej Fidyk's TFF '09 documentary Yodok Stories. The performance—shot in Seoul, South Korea in 2006—creatively tells the shocking true story of a group of escapees from one of North Korea's most notorious concentration camps. |Read More
Film 41263682 photo1


  • Release Year: 2008
  • Runtime: 102 minutes
  • Directed By: Måns Herngren
  • Country: Sweden
What begins as a joke turns into a new shot at glory for a group of over-the-hill athletes who decide to form Sweden's only all-male synchronized swimming team. The less they're taken seriously, the more determined they are to win the world championship in this fun, feel-good comedy about friendship and family. |Read More
Comedy, Sports
Film 12724892 photo1


  • Release Year: 2005
  • Runtime: 97 minutes
  • Directed By: Van Fischer
  • Country: USA
They say opposites attract. What about an Aryan Brother who falls for a black woman who thinks she's Adolf Hitler after their meeting in a mental institution? This seemingly impossible connection is the start of a love story unlike none other. Jeremy Renner and Gabrielle Union star in one of the most original romances of recent times. |Read More
Drama, Comedy
Film 12725437 photo1


  • Release Year: 1969
  • Runtime: 120 minutes
  • Country: USA
Like too many films of its era, Sydney Pollack 's first classic has become almost impossible to see on the big screen. Winner of five Oscars, it captured the grueling world of Depression-era dance marathons that Horace McCoy had created in his novel, bringing its characters to vivid life with an ensemble cast headed by Jane Fonda, Gig Young, Susannah York, Michael Sarrazin, Red Buttons, Bonnie Bedelia, and Bruce Dern. |Read More
Film 12725827 photo1


  • Release Year: 2005
  • Runtime: 89 minutes
  • Country: USA
Taylor Mead, film icon and former Andy Warhol superstar who lives in a monumentally cluttered apartment, is now a septuagenarian whose career ranges from playing Tarzan in one of Warhol's movies to the role of "Man at Party" in Midnight Cowboy to "Taylor" in Jim Jarmusch's recent Coffee and Cigarettes. |Read More
Film 12726807 photo1


  • Release Year: 2005
  • Runtime: 90 minutes
  • Country: France
Mariscos Beach is the Mediterranean paradise where Marc and his wife Beatrix vacation with their adult children. But over the course of this hilarious, sexy romp, the couple suspects their straight son is gay and the perfect marriage is tested by the chance meetings. With Valerie Bruni-Tedeschi, Gilbert Melki, Jean-Marc Barr. A Strand Releasing release. |Read More
Film 41264172 photo1


  • Release Year: 2009
  • Runtime: 96 minutes
  • Directed By: Caroline Bottaro
  • Country: Germany, France
Sandrine Bonnaire plays an inquisitive hotel maid captivated by a vacationing couple (Jennifer Beals, Dominic Gould) playing chess. Thus begins her obsession with mastering the game and transforming her uninspired life. An American expat (Kevin Kline) mentors her in the game that alters both their lives in this delightful feel-good French import. |Read More
Drama, Female Director(s)


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