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Directed by Rod Blackhurst
FEATURE NARRATIVE 97 Minutes World Premiere

After a terrible virus ravages human civilization, Ann finds herself living alone in a forest, foraging for supplies, and accompanied only by a radio that broadcasts a single transmission in French. Few animals even remain; the only survivors seem to be the roving hordes of infected creatures with a taste for human flesh. One fateful day, Ann crosses paths with two more survivors, Chris and Olivia. But after surviving on her own for so long, she struggles to relate to them and and their desire to settle down and start a new community. As Ann tells Chris, “Those who stay, die.” Though a stomach-clenching thriller, Here Alone is less about the threat itself than the people who are surviving it. For Ann, killing the infected is an easier proposition than connecting with her new companions in a world where intimacy, jealousy, and your fellow man can be just as dangerous.

—Cara Cusumano

Drama, Horror, Thriller, Science Fiction, NY Director(s)
About the Director(s)

Currently Rod is directing a feature-length documentary produced by Mette Heide and edited by Matthew Hamachek. Rod is also developing the dramatic feature North, based on the short story by Matthew Wade Jordan. North is being co-written with frequent collaborator David Ebeltoft and Elgin James.

Film Info
Cast & Credits
  • Producer:
    Noah Lang, David Ebeltoft, Rod Blackhurst, Arun Kumar, Josh Murphy
  • Editor:
    Rod Blackhurst
  • Director:
    Rod Blackhurst
  • Executive Producer:
    Kevin Iwashina, Eric Schultz, Leigh Jones, Ian Keiser, Paul Ebeltoft, Gail Ebeltoft, Sinan Germirli, Paul Pathikal, Bradley J. Ross, Brendan Walsh, Anthony Gentile, John Gentile, Marc Bortz
  • Composer:
    Eric D. Johnson
  • Cinematographer:
    Adam McDaid
  • Screenwriter:
    David Ebeltoft
  • Cast:
    Lucy Walters, Gina Piersanti, Adam David Thompson and Shane West.



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