Directed by Frédéric Tcheng
FEATURE DOCUMENTARY 105 Minutes New York Premiere
The man, the brand, and the legendary downfall of iconic designer Halston, are poignantly portrayed in TFF alum filmmaker Frédéric Tcheng’s (Dior and I) documentary. Artfully framed in a narrative recreation starring Tavi Gevinson, we begin the story of Roy Halston in his early days as the go-to milliner for the rich and famous, most notably as the designer of Jackie Kennedy’s sensational pillbox hat. Eventually transitioning to sleek, bias-cut women’s wear unlike anything the fashion world had seen, Halston opens his iconic Madison Avenue boutique in 1968. From there, his popularity skyrockets to such epic proportions that his name seems to touch almost every piece of clothing and home good on the market—only to crash and burn, as those who find his mass market approach passé abandon him.

But beneath this infamous story of success—and Halston’s tempestuous personality—Tcheng digs into the man himself. Most foundationally, he details his clan of legendary models, clients, and lovers, as well as members of his own beloved biological family, represented here in archival footage from the years of his reign. Those familiar with the name but not the details will find the designer’s fascinating story a richly entertaining window into fashion, commerce, and human foible.

—Liza Domnitz
Documentary, LGBTQIA, Fashion
About the Director(s)
Frédéric Tcheng is a French-born filmmaker whose 2015 film, Dior and I, was distributed worldwide to much acclaim. He also co-directed Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has To Travel, and was the co-producer and co-editor of Valentino: The Last Emperor. Tcheng is currently directing two documentaries and developing fiction projects.

Film Info
Cast & Credits
  • Cinematographer:
    Chris W. Johnson, Aaron Kovalchik
  • Executive Producer:
    Amy Entelis, Courtney Sexton, Lesley Frowick, Anna Godas, Oli Harbottle
  • Screenwriter:
    Fréderic Tcheng
  • Editor:
    Elia Gasull Balada, Frédéric Tcheng
  • Composer:
    Stanley Clarke
  • Producer:
    Roland Ballester, Frédéric Tcheng, Stephanie Levy, Paul Dallas
  • Cast:
    Tavi Gevinson, Liza Minnelli, Marisa Berenson, Joel Schumacher, Pat Cleveland
  • Co-Producer:
    Michael Prall
  • Director:
    Frédéric Tcheng

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