Directed by David Charles Rodrigues
FEATURE DOCUMENTARY 100 Minutes World Premiere
To confront a resurgence of faith-based anti-LGBTQ laws brought about in the Trump era, Conductor Tim Seelig leads 300 singers of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus on a bus tour of the deep south, showcasing fine music, confronting political and religious intolerance, and challenging his own troubled past with the church. Joined by the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir, they bring a message of music, love, and acceptance to communities often on the frontlines against intolerance.

The roadtrip forces Seelig and a handful of other Chorus members who fled the south to confront their own fears, pain, and prejudices on a journey towards reconciliation. In a time of great divide in this country, director David Charles reveals a timely, relevant, and musical exploration of LGBT issues that both challenges and reinforces notions surrounding the South.

—Dan Hunt

After the Premiere Screening: a special performance by The San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus.
Documentary, Drama, LGBTQIA, Music, Politics
About the Director(s)
David Charles Rodrigues is a Greek-American-Brazilian filmmaker and equal rights activist. He's a Sundance New Frontier and Documentary Lab fellow. His work leverages art, music, and cinema to bring challenging messages and human truths to wider audiences. Gay Chorus Deep South is his feature debut.
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Film Info
Cast & Credits
  • Art Director :
    Melinda Gorham
  • Assistant Editor:
    Luke Willis
  • Cast:
    The San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus, Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir, Dr. Tim Seelig, Ashlé, Jimmy White
  • Producer:
    Bud Johnston, Jesse Moss
  • Screenwriter:
    David Charles Rodrigues, Jeff Gilbert
  • Cinematographer:
    Adam Hobbs
  • Editor:
    Jeff Gilbert
  • Composer:
    Bryan Senti
  • Executive Producer:
    James Goode, Tony Högqvist
  • Associate Producer:
    Freddie Whitman, Harrison Watkins
  • Additional Photography:
    Thorsten Thielow
  • Consulting Producer:
    Rachel Holbrook, Jenny Gadd
  • Colorist:
    Beau Leon
  • Director:
    David Charles Rodrigues