Directed by Oren Moverman
FEATURE NARRATIVE 120 Minutes North American Premiere
At one of the most fashionable restaurants in an unnamed town, two estranged brothers (Richard Gere and Steve Coogan) and their wives (Rebecca Hall and Laura Linney) meet for an uncomfortable conversation. Stan Lohman is a popular congressman running for governor. His troubled younger brother Paul is a caustic former teacher. When Stan invites Paul for a dinner, the stage is set for a tense night. While the two brothers are constantly at odds, their 16 year-old sons are close friends, and the two boys soon become the center of the conversation as family secrets are dredged onto the table along with the main course. Oren Moverman directs a stellar ensemble cast in this intense and twisty psycholigcal drama about class, family, and accountability.

—Jason Gutierrez
Drama, New York, NY Director(s), Food
About the Director(s)
Oren Moverman is an Academy Award®-nominated writer, director, and producer. His directorial debut, The Messenger (co-written with Alessandro Camon and starring Ben Foster, Woody Harrelson, Jena Malone and Samantha Morton) was nominated for Best Screenplay at the 2010 Academy Awards®.

Film Info
  • Section:
    Spotlight Narrative
  • Year:
  • Length:
    120 minutes
  • Language:
  • Country:
  • Premiere:
    North American
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Cast & Credits
  • Cast:
    Richard Gere, Laura Linney, Steve Coogan, Rebecca Hall, Chloë Sevigny
  • Composer:
    Elijah Brueggemann
  • Screenwriter:
    Oren Moverman
  • Editor:
    Alex Hall
  • Executive Producer:
    Leonid Lebedev, Angel Lopez, Olga Segura, Eva Maria Daniels
  • Director:
    Oren Moverman
  • Cinematographer:
    Bobby Bukowski
  • Producer:
    Cotty Chubb, Lawrence Inglee, Eddie Vaisman, Julia Lebedev