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Created by Mei-Ling Wong, Alexander Porter, James George, and Yasmin Elayat
STORYSCAPES 10 Minutes World Premiere
Blackout is an ongoing participatory, volumetric VR project gathering the reflections of real people living in today’s tense political climate through the lens of the New York subway. By creating a rotating, ‘crowd-sourced’ cast, Blackout addresses the impossible task of representing the extraordinary breadth of human experience in New York City. Each viewing of Blackout is different, surrounding you with a unique group of straphangers taking you to the places their minds go between destinations.

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About the Creator(s)
Scatter is an immersive media studio pioneering a virtual reality genre called volumetric filmmaking. Blackout was created by the founding team at Scatter: Alexander Porter (Director), Yasmin Elayat (Co-Director), James George (Technical Director) and Mei-Ling Wong (Producer). Scatter also created DepthKit, an accessible tool enabling filmmakers to create their own volumetric experiences.

Film Info
Cast & Credits
  • Director:
    Alexander Porter
  • Project Creators:
    Alexander Porter, Yasmin Elayat, James George, Mei-Ling Wong
  • Executive Producer:
    Jeremiah Joseph
  • Producer:
    Mei-Ling Wong
  • Technical Director:
    James George
  • Co-Director:
    Yasmin Elayat
  • Production Company:
  • Sound Design:
  • Cast:
    Casting for Blackout will be ongoing during the festival.
  • Key Collaborators:
    Hannah Jayanti, Antfood
  • Co-Producer:
    Hannah Jayanti
  • Story Producers:
    Cyndee Readdean, Stacey Holman



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