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FEATURE NARRATIVE 93 Minutes New York Premiere

Nolan Byrd (Devon Werkheiser) is a shy, straight-A student in the fifth grade who loves tinkering with electronics and flying remote-controlled airplanes near the local pond. Unfortunately, this makes him a prime target for Bubba Bixby, the oversized school bully, whose wealthy father happens to run "Bixby's Royal Flush," a local sewage concern. Bubba loves to torture other students at school, including Nolan's crush Isabel, and he has also stolen Nolan's best friend, Max. Inspired by an assignment from his guitar-wielding teacher Mr. Green (played by always-funny Tim Meadows), Nolan decides to secretly videotape Bubba in the act of his crimes. Realizing that to save his own skin he must remain anonymous, Nolan invents a pseudonym, and Shredderman is born. Nolan begins posting his videos on a top-secret website. Instantly, its honest mockery of Bubba is heralded at the school, and Shredderman becomes an overnight hero. As Shredderman's popularity continues to grow, Nolan lets his alter-ego tackle bigger issues. One evening, during an attempt to confront Bubba face-to-face, Nolan overhears Bubba and his father discuss plans to trick the town into building a fake water reclamation plant at the local pond. While Nolan can't tell anyone, Shredderman sure can. Also starring Mindy Sterling (Austin Powers) and Dave Coulier (Full House), Shredderman Rules is based on the best-selling book SHREDDERMAN: Secret Identity by Wendelin Van Draanen. Ages 6+.

About the Director(s)

SAVAGE STEVE HOLLAND's first job was drawing cheesy cartoons of celebrities on the then-fledgling show Entertainment Tonight. In 1984, he wrote and directed his first studio feature film Better Off Dead starring John Cusack and went on to direct One Crazy Summer and How I Got Into College. After creating the successful (yet twisted) cartoon Eek! The Cat, he directed City Kids, a Daytime Emmy Award winner for Outstanding Children's Programming. Next followed multiple episodes of the Disney Channel series Lizzie McGuire, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Even Stevens, Phil of the Future as well as the Disney Channel original movie Stuck in the Suburbs. Somewhere in here Savage wrote the script for Howard Stern Presents Porky's! At Nickelodeon Savage directs episodes of Zoey 101, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, and Unfabulous. He is developing the Nickelodeon animated series El Chupacabre and the feature comedy RATKO for National Lampoon Productions.

Film Info
  • Year:
  • Length:
    93 minutes
  • Language:
  • Country:
  • Premiere:
    New York


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