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Directed by Talia Lugacy
FEATURE NARRATIVE 104 Minutes World Premiere

A tale of innocence shattered, dreams destroyed and vengeance fulfilled, Descent begins with an idealistic vision of college sweethearts and wild house parties, but quickly falls apart when a rape sends a co-ed into a spiral of drugs, rage and despair. Maya (Rosario Dawson, also producer) is a promising student, identified by her professor as top of her class. When she meets Jared (Chad Faust) at a party, she's disgusted by the frat-boy mentality and the boys hitting on her friend. Maya's quick to mock Jared's pick-up lines and shrugs off his insinuations. But his persistent charm wins her over, and she gives him a chance by handing over her phone number. Jared later violently attacks her, both physically and psychologically, shattering her notions of a perfect life and sending her reeling into a state of depression. Maya soon floats into a circle of promiscuous drug users, abandoning the idealistic life she once sought for a world of hedonism and escape, until one day she finds herself face to face with the boy who stole everything from her. Offered a chance at the last word, Maya's grappling with the fear Jared instilled in her and her determination to avenge that pain culminates in a decision that will change them both forever. Promising young talents-director Talia Lugacy and co-screenwriter Brian Priest-have created a dark and daring commentary on rape and its aftermath. Rosario Dawson displays dynamic range, deftly handling the weighty material in theis potent debut feature.

Drama, Female Director(s)
About the Director(s)

TALIA LUGACY was born and raised in New York City. In 2001, she graduated from New York University. Three years later, she formed Trybe Films with partners Brian Priest and Rosario Dawson. Descent is her first feature film.

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    104 minutes
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