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FEATURE NARRATIVE 97 Minutes World Premiere

Set against the projects of East New York, Brooklyn Bound is a challenging urban story that shows with gritty candor the lives of struggling youths and families trying to survive in their space. Sean is a young man caught between the reality of his surroundings and his desire to ultimately do good. He is at once a drug dealer, a son supporting his schizophrenic mother, and a man trying to be a role model to his younger brother. With his father deceased, Sean tries to assist his family, which still lives in the projects where he grew up, while placating his live-in girlfriend, who wants him to stop dealing and settle down. As Sean tries to take two steps forward, those around him keep stepping back -- his younger brother and his friends start dealing, a friend needs help with a huge debt, and his girlfriend leaves him after a fight. It seems Sean helps everyone but himself, forcing him to make painful decisions about his situation, as well as regain his foothold in his own life. Writer-director Rich Devaney's feature debut is a powerful, hard-edged coming-of-age story. Based on the true events of cowriter and star Thomas Guiffre, the film portrays family drama and friendships in a raw, revealing profile. The strong supporting cast and location only add to the realistic tone of the narrative as it escalates to an intense finale.

About the Director(s)

Rich Devaney's passion for filmmaking started early -- as a child actor on the sets of commercials and films. After studying film at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, Devaney worked in advertising for several years. As the son of a documentary filmmaker, he embraced the opportunity to shoot on actual Brooklyn streets with a cast of both actors and non-actors. Brooklyn Bound is his feature directorial debut. Devaney is overjoyed with the many people who helped in the making of his first feature and deeply thanks all of them -- especially his Dad on sound and his Mom on the meals.

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    97 minutes
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