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FEATURE NARRATIVE 82 Minutes International Premiere
You may think you know zombies, but you don't know zombies until you meet the zombie forest rangers who stomp and eat their way through director Marek Dobeš frightfest of fun Choking Hazard. On the heels of other horror hits such as Dawn and Shaun of the Dead, comes this Czech twist on an old favorite. Five people in search of the meaning of life travel to the remote Halali resort to attend Professor Reinis' weekend of enlightenment. There they meet Mechura, who seems to be a bit lost -- he thought the empty lodge was where his porno shoot was taking place. Well, no matter -- as a Jehovah's Witness he enjoys this type of philosophical banter. But as we know, this idyll must come to a horrific end, for there are zombie forest rangers about to invade! Equal parts scary, gross, and funny, Dobeš' zombies feast, writhe, crawl, and even breakdance. But if you think you should only pay attention to the gore, you'll miss out on writer Št?phán Kop?iva's amusingly clever script, which blends together discussions of life, porn, and religion with a teeming mass of the undead, creating a smoothie of bloody fun! Choking Hazard proves that you can't pursue cerebral endeavors when there's a zombie chomping on your brain.
About the Director(s)
Director Marek Dobeš wrote and directed the short horror comedy I Was a Teenage Intellectual with Stepan Kopriva. It won awards at several international film festivals, including a Golden Award at Worldfest Houston, and the main prize in the Austrian Ebensee. He and Kopriva cowrote the script for the historical comedy, Musica Viva, and a screenplay for a series on Czech TV. Dobeš also directed the short films The Executioner and Explicit Evidence, as well as several music videos. Choking Hazard is his full-length feature film debut.

Film Info
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  • Length:
    82 minutes
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