FEATURE NARRATIVE 127 Minutes World Premiere
With a nod to The Silence of the Lambs, Christian Alvart has created a mind-twisting thriller that keeps the audience guessing right up to the end. The populace of a small town near Berlin breathes a sign of relief when a serial killer, pederast Gabriel, is captured. But Michael, the town's part-time policeman, remains skeptical. The M.O. of the girl's murder does not fit any of Gabriel's previous crimes-with this one exception, all his victims had been boys. Michael initially refuses to talk to the authorities but things change after Michael visits Gabriel in jail. The serial killer takes a liking to Michael and communicates with no one except the small-town policeman. After revealing to Michael that he does know the true identity of the girl's killer, Gabriel embarks on a twisted mind game with the devout Christian policeman who begins to question both himself and his faith. The more Michael inches toward what he believes is the answer, the more he neglects his family and his farm as he begins to move away from the simple way of life he's always known. In Alvart's twisting, turning plot every clue and revelation gives way to surprises and questions. The gripping scenes between Gabriel and Michael escalate with each visit as the two engage in a verbal swordfight leading to the shocking climax. This intelligent mystery thriller is sure to enthrall even the most jaded viewer.
About the Director(s)
Christian Alvart was born in 1974 near Frankfurt, Germany. At age 19 he became an editor and layout designer with X-TRO Filmmagazine, where he eventually became editor-in-chief and finally became the owner of the special interest publication. In 1997, he abandoned his work as a film journalist and moved with his company, Syrreal Entertainment, to Berlin to launch his career as a filmmaker. To get an understanding of professional filmmaking, Alvart worked on the sets of feature films, first as a runner, and later as first assistant director. In 1998 he wrote, produced, and directed Curiosity & the Cat, his first 35mm feature film-a $30,000 budget thriller that was nominated for the Max-Ophüls-Award and the Prize of the Minister President of the State of Saarland. Alvart has since worked as a writer for several features and TV shows.
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