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FEATURE NARRATIVE 95 Minutes World Premiere

Henry Lesser (Dylan McDermott) just wants to finish writing his book and to do that all he needs is the quiet of his apartment. His landlord is converting his tenement building into luxury co-ops. Lesser is the sole holdout who has refused to accept a check in exchange for moving. With only one resident, the building is startlingly quiet. But one day, Lesser hears the clack-clack-clack of a new typewriter, it seems the building is haunted with the ghost of another writer. But this is no ghost. Into the silent building has come Willie Spearmint (Snoop Dogg), a black, militant writer who is trying to complete his own book. The two writers strike up an uneasy friendship. Spearmint does not trust the white Lesser, and Lesser, although he feels charitable toward the new writer, does not want to get sucked into the other man's problems. Spearmint alternately pushes Lesser away and pulls him into his world. Even Spearmint's girlfriend gets caught in the web the two men are weaving. In his directorial debut, Danny Green deftly develops these tenuous, racially charged relationships, in a drama about how we all learn to live together.

About the Director(s)

Danny Green grew up in Baltimore, Maryland. He graduated from Princeton University in 1992 with a bachelor's degree in English. In the fall of that year, he enrolled in the Johns Hopkins University Graduate Program, where he majored in Film Criticism and Technique. During that time, he met director John Frankenheimer and, upon graduation in 1994, went to work for him as his assistant on such movies as Against the Wall, The Burning Season, and Wallace. In 1998, Green joined the Director's Guild of America and has since worked as a first or second assistant director to commercial directors such as Michael Bay, Tony Kaye, and Joe Pytka, and film directors including Ron Shelton, Cameron Crowe, and Barry Levinson. Most recently, Green began directing commercials on his own before making the transition into directing feature films.

Film Info
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    95 minutes
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