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FEATURE DOCUMENTARY 84 Minutes World Premiere

By now almost everyone has seen Hollywood's version of gang life, most strikingly portrayed in the urban dramas Boyz n the Hood and Menace II Society. Now directors Tommy Sowards and Joachim Schroeder initiate viewers into what it's really like to be a member of one of Los Angeles' most notorious street gangs. Spanning a decade in the lives of former Blood gang members Dig Dug, Jumbo, KK, Low Down, Get Down, Tweak, and Youngsta, Slippin' educates moviegoers on the youths' primary sources of recreation: playing bones (dominoes), drinking 40 ounces, smoking blunts, and serving rock (selling crack). And when they get flamed up (dressed all in red) it's time to head to the lowdown (their home turf, which covers 40th Street and below in South Central). In addition to learning the lingo, the definition of gang hand signs, and the meaning behind their tags (graffiti), viewers get a sense of the day-to-day madness of gangbangers' lives-and their often senseless deaths. Plus, you'll meet the middle-class, educated women who loved them and rationalize their reasons for dating gangbangers. By the end of these ten years, most of these men, weary of being shot at, decide to leave the gangsta life behind, opting instead for a new lease on one outside the line of fire.

About the Director(s)

After the Los Angeles riots 1992, Tommy Sowards and his German partner, Joachim Schroeder, traveled to South Central LA to interview members of the notorious Blood gang, "The Rollling Twenties." A decade of subsequent shooting resulted in Slippin' - Ten Years with the Bloods. Sowards formed Necular Pannic in 1995 and has since done production and post-production for Ben Harper, Polygram, Sony, Virgin Capital, RCA, and many others. In 1996, Sowards and Schroeder directed a documentary for German television on extreme fighting. In 2002, Sowards directed a documentary about Criminals and Gang Members Anonymous and, most recently, produced and directed a documentary on the history of hip-hop. He edited the soon-to-be-released action film, Blind Heat. After winning the Frank Glicksman award for his short, Crazy, at UCLA film school, Sowards co-produced and directed the first-ever music video for a presidential campaign, No More Points Of Light, starring the Grammy Award-winning Young MC.

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    84 minutes
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