Directed by Andrew Bowen
SHORT NARRATIVE 14 Minutes World Premiere
After refusing to leave a soldier behind, SCOUT is left to die at the hands of her enemies when a small shuttle arrives to save them. Piloted by an unlikely hero, this not well-planned, at times comical rescue will send these outcasts on an adventure none of them expected.

Screening with Shorts: Into the Void
Action, Comedy, Drama, Science Fiction
About the Director(s)
Andrew Bowen's love of cinema, sci-fi, and comedy began reading Marvel and watching movies in the ’80s. That love eventually led him to study screenwriting and to a successful career as an actor for more than 26 years. His penchant for collaboration and desire to explore his own storytelling style brought him to create The 716th.

Film Info
Cast & Credits
  • Composer:
    George Shaw
  • Director:
    Andrew Bowen
  • VFX Supervisor:
    Jonathan Alvord
  • Producer:
    Andrew Bowen, Jenn Page, John Maclay, Jonathan Alvord
  • Associate Producer:
    Brandon Poller
  • Make-Up:
    Maryann Yee
  • Editor:
    Andrew Bowen
  • Cast:
    Andrew Bowen, John Asher, Lauren McFall, Taj Speights
  • Screenwriter:
    Andrew Bowen
  • Animation:
    Dustin Adair
  • Cinematographer:
    Ray Huang
  • VFX Design and Compositing:
    Joseph James Lawson
  • Costume Designer:
    Aoife Baker
  • Executive Producer:
    Daniel C. Allison