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Tribeca N.O.W. is a program that discovers, highlights, and celebrates New Online Work from independent storytellers who choose to create and share their work in the online space. Comprised of three subsections, Tribeca NOW includes Showcase, Special Screenings and the NOW Creators Market.


A curated selection of 10-12 independent, online creators invited to showcase their latest work on and at a public screening as official Tribeca Film Festival selections.


A selection of high profile work from the digital industry’s leading networks and talent.


A daylong, private industry market that brings together leading online creators/talent looking to pitch new projects with a curated group of industry (distributors, agencies, networks, etc.) with particular interest in engaging up-and-coming online talent.

Ben Fries & Alden Nusser

Crime Cutz

Created by Ben Fries, Alden Nusser, with the music of Holy Ghost! (USA) – World Premiere. Crime Cutz is a documentary that profiles four New Yorkers to the soundtrack of Holy Ghost!'s Crime Cutz EP. Each subject is invited to interpret a song in their unique style, showcasing these individuals as both subject and collaborator, blurring the line between documentary and music video. With Brad Pawly, Caramia Lior, Lori Brizzi, Louis Orlando, Stuart Hodes, Elizabeth Hodes.

Ben Fries is an award-winning director, producer, and composer from New York City. He has directed more than 20 music videos for bands, including Holy Ghost! and Danny Brown, and has composed music for films such as The Search for General Tso, The City Dark, and The Most Unknown.

Alden Fitzpatrick Nusser is a native Manhattanite who got his start directing short documentaries for news outlets, including The New York Times, the New Yorker, and HBO. He is now developing several projects; among them is a samurai flick set in the tropics and a documentary-opera about a plastic surgery-obsessed grande-dame.

Pig: The Dam Keeper Poems

Created by Erick Oh (USA, Japan) - New York Premiere. Pig: The Dam Keeper Poems is a 2D animated series based on the world of The Dam Keeper, the beloved Oscar-nominated short film by Tonko House. The series shows how Pig remembers his father's departure and having to step into the role of the dam keeper

Erick Oh's Website
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Erick Oh is a Korean filmmaker and animator based in California, whose independent films have won awards at numerous film festivals. After receiving his B.F.A. from Seoul National University and his M.F.A. from the University of California at Los Angeles’s film program, Oh worked at Pixar Animation Studios as an animator, working on Academy Award®-winning films, including Inside Out and Finding Dory.

Erick Oh's Website
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Erick Oh
Georgia Bernstein & Cemre Paksoy


Created by Georgia Bernstein, Cemre Paksoy (USA) – World Premiere. An awkward comedy about a cuddling app and a girl who probably shouldn’t be working for one. In English, Turkish with English subtitles.

Official website

Georgia Bernstein is a filmmaker from Los Angeles. A recent graduate from Northwestern University, she’s living in Chicago where she created and directed a short film for Condé Nast and Indigenous Media based off her web series, Snugglr. Her first short film about modern neuroticism was an official selection in the 13th annual CineYouth Festival.

Cemre Paksoy is an actor and filmmaker living in Chicago. She recently adapted Snugglr, the web series, into a short film that can be seen on Condé Nast's The Scene. She’s from Turkey where she windsurfs and pets dogs.

Official website

Driver Ed

Created by Jacob A. Ware, Amanda Cowper (USA) - World Premiere. A guy decides to get his driver's license to impress his NASCAR-loving girlfriend, but unexpected things happen on the open road. With Jacob A. Ware, Layla Khosh, Eddie Diaz, Becca Blackwell.

Jacob A. Ware is an actor and writer, best known for playing Harold Selby on HBO's Boardwalk Empire. He is the head writer and host of the RYOT Studio show Screen Time; his television credits also include Law and Order: SVU, Shades of Blue, and Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Amanda Cowper is a New York City-based producer and director. As associate producer on NBC's Late Night with Seth Meyers, Cowper produces all of the show’s field pieces.

Jacob A. Ware & Amanda Cowper
Micah Sudduth & Keylee Sudduth


Created by Micah Sudduth, Keylee Sudduth (USA) - World Premiere. Pulling from the true life experiences of the filmmakers, Home mines the humor and heartbreak of growing into adulthood, leaving home, and balancing individual creative careers as a married couple in the millennial age.

Watch the first season of Home.
See more works by Keylee and Micah at their production company website.
Official Website

Follow Keylee and Micah here for more updates on their latest projects:

Micah Sudduth grew up in the woods of East Texas and survived years of homeschooling so that he could one day pursue his dream of a) being around people and b) making films.
Keylee Sudduth is a Texan born and raised actor and filmmaker. In childhood, she always found herself better able to connect with others through theater. That has now grown into an unabashed passion for cinematic storytelling.

Official Website

Everything is Stories

Created by Mike Martinez, Tyler Wray (USA) - World Premiere. Peter Stefan, owner of Graham Putnam & Mahoney funeral parlor in Worcester, Massachusetts, found himself thrust into the national spotlight in the spring of 2013 amid a damning controversy. With implications that still linger to this day, Stefan and his team faced the question of where to draw the line on who deserves a burial. Directed by Daniel Navetta.

More from the Creators

Everything is Stories was initially created as a podcast by Garrett Crowe, Mike Martinez, and Tyler Wray. It is now also a documentary series that explores unconventional narratives of the past and present to preserve the eccentric, the authentic, and the personal.

More from the Creators

Mike Martinez & Tyler Wray
Rémy Bennett & Kelsey Bennett

Under Her Skin

Created by Rémy Bennett, Kelsey Bennett (USA) - World Premiere. Under Her Skin is an intimate character portrait of 71-year-old photographer Jane Rule Burdine which explores her work, personal struggles, and triumphs in the Mississippi Delta where she grapples with the beautiful yet harrowing complexities ingrained in the culture and landscape of the American Deep South. With Jane Rule Burdine

Rémy Bennett is a filmmaker, writer, and curator living in New York City. She earned her BA in acting and drama studies from The Central School of Speech and Drama in London and studied film at SVA in New York. Her feature film debut Buttercup Bill was shown at Raindance, the New Orleans Film Festival, and the Marfa Film Festival. As a writer and artist Bennett has contributed to Playboy, 1985ARTISTS, VICE, and BUST Magazine.

Kelsey Bennett is a New York City-based photographer and filmmaker who has shown work in her home city, as well as Los Angeles and London and has contributed to Interview magazine, Dazed, and Vice magazine.


Created by Shaina Feinberg (USA) - World Premiere. The original series Dinette focuses on a group of female and gender non-conforming friends who come together for a commitment ceremony in the waning days of 2017. Shaina Feinberg leads the ensemble cast through a series of inter-connected vignettes riffing on wounded machismo and the patriarchy.

More About Dinette

Shaina Feinberg has directed and produced content for RIOT, Shatterbox and IFC’s Comedy Crib. Her debut as a writer and director, the award-winning feature The Babymooners, blurred the lines between documentary and fiction while examining gender stereotypes. In 2017, her short film Shiva, a hybrid of improvised comedy and actual grief, premiered at Tribeca. Senior Escort Service, her follow-up to Shiva, is a full-length movie that blends nonfiction and fiction.

More About Dinette

Shaina Feinberg
Shal Ngo

The Last Fisherman

Created by Shal Ngo (USA, Vietnam) - World Premiere. In a dystopian future, on the South China Sea, an aging fisherman discovers an android woman from his past.

More from Shal Ngo

Shal Ngo is a Brooklyn-based filmmaker who seeks to bring the inner workings of the human brain to the big screen. After graduating from New York University in 2008, he began working in narrative, documentary, and commercial filmmaking. He is now in development on two projects: his debut feature, a sci-fi thriller about a sentient smart house, and a series of stop-motion documentaries about the psychology of mental health.

More from Shal Ngo

Cleaner Daze

Created by Tess Sweet (USA) — Episode One (New York Premiere), Episode Two (World Premiere). Cleaner Daze, a dark comedy series about addiction, follows Jasmine, a newbie drug counselor, and her eccentric co-workers as they struggle to wrangle a misfit crew of teenage drug addicts. With Abigail Reno, Karin Babbitt, Tess Sweet, Kemi O'Connor.

Tess Sweet is an award-winning writer and director, a recovering drug addict, and a lover of dark comedy. In 2011, Sweet graduated with an M.F.A. from the film and television directing program at the University of California at Los Angeles. Sweet now resides in the Bay Area, where she works as a freelance director and editor, serves as president of Loud and Clean, and runs programs for with at-risk youth.

Tess Sweet
Yumna Al-Arashi​

The 99 Names of God

Created by Yumna Al-Arashi (UK) - World Premiere. Arab-American filmmaker Yumna Al-Arashi embraces the rhythmic rituals that have run alongside Islamic tradition throughout the centuries in this surreal and poetic short film. Piecing together old and new, Al-Rashi's dream-like imagery breathes fresh air to a subject hardly seen in positive light.

More Work from Yumna Al-Arashi

London-based artist Yumna Al-Arashi was born to a Yemeni father and Egyptian mother and raised in the United States. Her work confronts her own struggles of identity and belonging as both a woman and a Muslim. Her background in politics—she studied international politics at the New School—and journalism shines in her work, in which she focuses on humanitarian issues such as women’s rights and labor injustices.

More Work from Yumna Al-Arashi

Flint is a Place

Created by Zackary Canepari (USA) - World Premiere. This cross platform series about Flint, Michigan, document a specific moment within this American city in an intimate, character-driven way. What happens here happens in many other urban American cities. But in Flint, it happens all at once. It’s what makes Flint so important in the national conversation.

More about the Series

Zackary Canepari is a documentary photographer and filmmaker. In 2010, he teamed with filmmaker Drea Cooper to make California is a Place, a short documentary series about California; their first feature documentary, T-Rex, about female boxer Claressa "T-Rex" Shields, premiered at SXSW in March 2015 and was featured on PBS before the 2016 Olympics.

More About the Series

Zackary Canepari