Tribeca on Location: The Tribeca Film Festival Street Fair

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Hi everyone it's Ruby again.

I just covered another amazing TKA experience. Unfortunately, I'm sad to say that it's my last one because the festival has wrapped up for the year. This TKA experience was very different from the others. My reporting partner Lionel and I were asked to play around at Tribeca on Location: The Tribeca Film Festival Street Fair while they filmed us. We played frisbee, soccer, tennis, football and many other games. It was really awesome. Even though I've never thrown a football before in my life, I was still able to win a prize. Apparently, I'm a natural. Tribeca on Location: The Tribeca Film Festival Street Fair is a way for the film festival to thank the community for hosting this fabulous event. From what I saw, a great time was had by all!

I am very thankful I was given the opportunity to be a part of the TKA team.


Hey guys, it’s me, Lionel.

On Saturday, April 23rd I went to Tribeca on Location: The Tribeca Film Festival Street Fair, and it was amazing! I really enjoyed playing games at Tribeca/ESPN Sports Day. My favorite was playing tennis. I think I might join a tennis club when I go to middle school. I loved listening to people sing on the main stage; my favorite was the song from Wicked. Also for anyone who hasn’t been to Tribeca on Location I highly recommend it to everyone, no matter the age because there were many activities for people of all ages.

Talk to you guys later, this is Lionel signing off, BYE.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Pelé: Birth of a Legend

The last day of the Tribeca Film Festival was the greatest day of my life. Not only was I a TKA reporter, I met my idol, Pelé the best soccer player that ever lived. The Brazilian legend, now 75, was there to celebrate a film about his life, from his days as a determined soccer-mad nine year old to a World Cup champion at 17.

On the red carpet my heart was pounding when I heard the audience scream, this had to be man himself. Meeting Pelé was an incredible feeling and he shook Garret’s and mine hand, he even had his arm around us as he spoke. We were only allowed to ask one question but we managed to fit in two. I ask what it meant for him to be called a legend. His response was he couldn’t believe it but he thought he was successful and famous because he brought his own new style to soccer. I could have died when at the end of the interview Pelé signed my soccer ball! I will put this ball in a glass frame and I may never wash my hands again.

I also loved talking to Diego Boneta, a singer and actor who plays the rival to Pelé as a kid but then became his best friend on the Brazil national team. When I told him my name he thought I was Spanish. I told him my father was Chilean and he started speaking to me in Spanish but I had no idea what he was saying - he was however super friendly and it was great to meet

When the red carpet reporting was over, Garret and I watched the movie, which was inspiring, emotional and such a great story that I want to watch it over and over again. As a young soccer player with dreams of becoming a champion like Pelé, it made me want to practice more because the movie taught me that practice is everything. My favorite part of the movie was when the entire Brazilian team were passing a ball back and fourth to everyone inside a hotel and the actor that plays Pelé accidentally kicked over a man’s tea - that man turned around and it was the real Pelé. What a moment!

I’m so grateful to have been a TKA reporter, meeting famous celebrities and inspiring people, like one of my own heroes Pelé. I will never forget this experience.

- Tiago

Hi everyone. It's Garrett from TKA.

I had another amazing day on the red carpet on Saturday, April 23rd as I attended the World Premiere of Pelé:
Birth of a Legend. While I was interviewing actor and choreographer Seth Michaels, I suddenly heard shouting from the photographers and saw the constant flashes from the cameras as Pelé came onto the red carpet. Tiago and I were so anxious to meet him and as he got closer and closer, I just stared in awe. Pele, the soccer legend, in the flesh! The best part was when I got to talk and later ask him about the moment when his team won the World Cup and afterward, he signed our soccer balls! It was truly an honor to meet him.

Not only did I get to interview the soccer legend, I also got to interview Diego Boneta who plays Jose and directors/writers Jeff and Michael Zimbalist. They enjoyed answering our questions and they were a lot of fun to talk to. After the interviews, I got to see the film and found it was very inspiring and emotional.

This is my last blog as TKA reporter and I would like to thank the people I worked with-- the crew who has worked tirelessly capturing the once in a lifetime moments. I had so much fun working with the TKA team. Thank you Tribeca Film Festival for this awesome experience.


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Tribeca Tune In -Greenleaf

Hi everyone it’s me, Lionel, again. Today was amazing! I can’t believe how many people I got to meet! But I have to say, overall I think interviewing Oprah was the best, but don’t tell that to the other actors. Interviewing Oprah made me feel really nervous considering how many people were surrounding Layla and I.

I think that today really made me realize how important Oprah really is. She’s an amazingly strong and independent woman and lots of people can learn a lot from her. She’s also kind and I appreciate that she made the time for us to be able to interview her.

Anyways, this is Lionel signing off.

Hi it's Layla,

Last night was a blast. We got to meet so many actors and actresses. They were all so friendly. We interviewed Lynn Whitfield, Tye White and the one and only Oprah Winfrey. It was such an honor to be in the presence of Oprah. I had to take so many deep breaths when I saw Oprah walking down the carpet. When we were interviewing her, I was still not believing that she was talking to me.

I will never forget what she said to me, her words were so touching and inspirational "You are the one and only Layla, there are people that are named Layla, like my dog, but they are not you, they can't be like you, can't bring what YOU bring, live the life YOU live, do what YOU do." When I heard Oprah say that to me I was mind blown I can't believe that Oprah brought so much inspiration to that carpet. This day was amazing and I will always remember this moment now and forever.

Thank you


The Meddler

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Hi guys it’s me Ruby again.

Bella and I just covered another outstanding red carpet for THE MEDDLER and it was super awesome! We even met Susan Sarandon!!! Cecily Strong and Rose Byrne, who also star in the film, were very kind. Billy Magnussen was a little strange though, he said one of our questions was very hard so he walked away and slammed the wall.
Sometimes celebrities act strange though and because we are on camera we just have to roll with it.

Susan Sarandon was super cool. She clearly knew what she was doing on the red carpet—it’s obvious she’s a huge star! Not only was I interviewing her, but she asked me so many questions-- it was like we were both interviewing each other! Susan Sarandon asked me if I knew who she was, if I watched the same TV shows her kids watch and what I want to be when I grow up.

In this movie Susan Sarandon plays a meddling mom and she was proud to admit she relates to her character and she meddles with her own kids—she said it was her job. After our interview together, I can believe that!

I love covering red carpets. I am so thankful I was given this opportunity.


Monday, April 18, 2016

World Premiere of Elvis and Nixon

Hey, It’s Fiona!
Cooper and I had a great time on the red carpet for the screening of the film Elvis & Nixon. Elvis & Nixon is about Elvis wanting to be a secret agent for President Nixon. We shot the introduction and I wore my leather jacket, which was perfect for the theme of Elvis.
Kevin Spacey and Michael Shannon who are the stars of the film were among the celebrities we interviewed on the red carpet along with the director Liza Johnson, Johnny Knoxville, Colin Hanks and Sky Ferreira. I had a great time and can’t wait to tell you about my next adventure.

- Fiona

All movie ideas have to start somewhere, this one was from a world famous photograph. There was a well-known secret meeting between President Nixon and Elvis Presley. "Elvis and Nixon" is about all the things that were unknown like what they said to each other in the meeting and the secret flight Elvis took to DC to see the president. The meeting itself is not documented so the filmmakers had to create all of the content and they decided to make it into a comedy.


Sunday, April 18, 2016


Hi everyone, Camila here!

Today I was at the red carpet for the world premiere film, Custody, starring Viola Davis. I enjoyed interviewing the different cast members along with the director, James Lapine. Additionally, I was surprised when my partner, Solomon, and I had the opportunity to interview children who are in the film. It was interesting to
see the young actors' view on their film and the process surrounding it.

A question we asked during all the interviews, was what the actor (or director) wanted their audience to feel while watching the film. A common answer was empathy for the people in our world who are currently going
through a child custody challenge. This film's message is meant to raise awareness for others in this difficult situation. I thought it was powerful that film was used as the medium to create awareness. I was impressed with the thought and efforts put into this film and trust that it will convey the message and awareness that the writer/director intended.

See you at the festival!


Sunday April 17

Hi! It’s Solomon again!

Last night, Sunday April 17th was the World Premiere film “Custody”, starring Viola Davis.
Even though only two days ago I was on the same red carpet for “All We Had” I was still nervous.

Viola Davis was one of the last people to walk the carpet and all of the other reporters interviewed her for a long time so Camila and I had a lot of time to go over questions. When Viola Davis finally got to us we had practiced our lines so we knew them by heart. The very last question I asked to her was “In ‘How to get Away with Murder’ you play a law professor and in this film you play a judge. Do you like playing characters that have something to do with law?” Surprisingly she answered “yes” she said she liked to play characters that are tough on the outside but have vulnerabilities on the inside.

The second to last person to walk the carpet was Ellen Burstyn. She was really easygoing about the whole thing; when I asked her to tell us about her character she said “no, I can only tell you a little bit, because she’s only in two scenes”

I can’t believe I was on the red carpet for the second time! I’ll check back in again after my trip to Spring Studios!


Sunday, April 17, 2016


Hi it’s Tiago,

On Saturday evening I met and interviewed major celebrities but onSunday morning – day five of the Tribeca Film Festival – I met the stars of the future. Hitting the red carpet at Regal Cinema for the “Downtown Youth Behind the Camera” a series of short films by filmmakers as young as five through to 15 years old.

Interviewing these talented filmmakers taught me that age doesn’t matter when you have passion. As they talked about what inspired their films and the challenges they faced – like having to shoot a car scene in the middle of a busy city - I asked them what advice they had for other wannabe filmmakers and was surprised when they said don’t fight with each other about your ideas. I guess creative people have lots of different ideas.

Next up on the red carpet was Emmy-winning director and filmmaker Judd Ehrlich who was releasing his 3rd film at TFF, a documentary called “Keepers of the Game” and also there to chat to the young filmmakers
about their experience and give them advice about film making. Judd who said his greatest career highlight
was his current film said the key to success is to work really hard and believe in yourself and your idea.

After our red carpet interviews we took to the cinema for the screening of 11 short films and overall I was so impressed and could not believe these had been made by children. Probably the most impressive film was “Signing Sounds” about a girl who is teased for hanging out with her friend, a deaf boy and turns her back on
him. Tragically when the boy tries to reconnect with her, by giving back the scarf she dropped, he is hit by a car
and injured. It was very tragic but has a happy ending showing the girl holding his hand in hospital, which left me with the message; you should stand by your friends and beliefs, no matter what others say.

Another exciting and inspiring day as a TKA reporter.

- Tiago

Hey everyone. It's Garrett again from TKA.

On Sunday, April 17th, I attended the Downtown Youth Behind the Camera screening at Regal Cinemas. At this event, I got to interview young filmmakers and asked them what their short film is about and if they had any advice for other young aspiring filmmakers. Once again, I had technical difficulties with my microphone.

Before we interviewed the kids, Tiago, Layla, Ruby, and I shared our questions with our producer Amy and when it was all said and done, we split into groups and I partnered with Layla. Already there were a lot of kids ready with anticipation and eager to go see their films on the big screen.

We got to interview the cast of Rich Wind, Breathless, and Mosasaur Security. They enjoyed answering our questions and they talked about their film's plot. After the interviews, the four of us got to see the films. They were all very different. The Rich Wind was very symbolic with the wind and the lottery ticket. Breathless had a very developed storyline and was very creative and finally Mosasaur Security was a very funny short film and interesting in its own way.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience. It was inspiring and I think the future of film is in great hands!

- Garrett

Hey everyone it’s Ruby,

Tiago, Garrett, Layla and I just covered another awesome red carpet event for a series of short films called Downtown Youth Behind the Camera. We interviewed so many talented filmmakers—and these
filmmakers were kids!

After our red carpet interviews were over, we then filed inside the Regal Cinemas in Battery Park and watched all of their films. We were surprised how much we knew about their films because they had told us so much about them during our red carpet interviews.

My favorite film was about cat food and believe me it’s not what you think. Cat Food looked at things in new ways I never looked before and it did so in a humorous way. I wish I could make films now too!

But it wasn’t all kids we interviewed. My reporting partner Tiago and I interviewed Emmy award wining filmmaker Judd Ehrlich too.

I can’t wait for my next red carpet THE MEDDLER on Tuesday!


Hi it's Layla here,

Sunday morning was a blast with young talented filmmakers. We interviewed a bunch of interesting kids that
all made different amazing short films. The carpet was amazing but the premiere was also great. The premiere was where all the short films that the kids made were showed. All of the short films had there own special touch.

Garret, Tiago, Ruby and I sat in the back of the theatre. There were so many people there. After all of this wondering and questions that we had about all of this creativity, there was a small Q&A. Every group explained how they got the idea, how they started, how they planned who was going to do what, and so on. Sunday I was on fire and I am not done yet!

- Layla

Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Fang Family Premiere

Hey, it’s Tiago,

It was set to be a star-studded evening on the fourth day of the Tribeca Film Festival for the red carpet premiere of The Fang Family starring Nicole Kidman, Jason Bateman – who acted in and directed the film –Christopher Walken and Maryann Plunkett. It was also my debut as a reporter for Tribeca Kids Access reporter and I felt nervous and excited especially to meet Nicole Kidman, who is a fellow Australian and Jason Bateman, who is a comedy actor and who I loved in Dodgeball.

I was reporting with Bella and we knew someone important had arrived when I heard the crowd scream. Nicole Kidman walked the red carpet and my first thought was “man she is tall”. She arrived with her husband Keith Urban, a country and western singer who is also an Aussie! Although I didn’t get to ask Nicole my favorite question “please give us your best country outback Australian accent”, she did say she’d be happy to have Jason Bateman as a brother in real life (they play siblings in the film) and that the people she’d most like to
prank are her children. Nicole then called Keith over – he’d been watching on proudly from the sidelines - and I
got to talk to him. My grandmother was pretty impressed by this, as she adores Keith Urban.

Next up was Christopher Walken who is considered an acting legend. I asked him “what role do you like playing best, the villain or the funny guy?” and he said he just liked “working” which I thought was kind of funny. We didn’t really get to talk to him much but I was thrilled to meet such an amazing and quirky actor.

Last but not least was Jason Bateman who was my favorite interview. He was funny of course and we got
to talk to him for the longest. I asked him if he would like Nicole Kidman as a sister and he said “well I already have I sister but I guess I could be greedy and take them both.” Bella then asked “what is the best prank he has pulled on someone,” and he says he winks in one eye while driving to trick his wife into thinking he is falling asleep at the wheel.

I might even use that prank when I’m older. But the best bit was when I asked if he still had hope of being named “Sexist Man Alive” as he’d admitted during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel he was disappointed not to get it. He said he still had hope, there was always 2017 and then he pointed to his fancy suit and said “see I’m working at it today” which I have to say was pretty neat.

Sadly I didn’t get to watch the film as it was R-rated (this is when chores comes in handy as maybe I can
convince my mum). Interviewing these amazing actors inspired me and made me feel that ordinary people like me can reach big goals like Nicole Kidman, Jason Bateman, Christopher Walken and Maryann Plunkett who’s son went to my school, PS 150, was a Tribeca Festival reporter and also went to the middle school I
want to go to. I’m so proud of being with Tribeca Kids Access and can hardly even wait for my next event Pelé: Birth of a Legend, where I will get to meet and interview one of my biggest idols on the closing night - see you there.


Hey Everyone!

Bella here reporting for Tribeca Kids Access. I covered the red carpet with Tiago for The Family Fang, directed by Jason Bateman. I was super nervous and thought that I would completely fail and die when I tried to interview anyone, but after a few interviews, and the help from Sandra I got the hang of it. I was still super star stuck, but it was amazing. It was one of the best things I've ever done in my life so far.

Tiago and I freaked when we saw Nicole Kidman, WITH KEITH URBAN! In between each interview, we would keep going over the questions over and over again and shaking all the nerves out. I think that really helped
because whenever a celebrity came to us we had a great interview.

We talked to a few producers, some less major actors in the film and then Christopher Walken, Jason Bateman, and Nicole Kidman. Christopher Walken being the legend he is, didn’t spend that much time with us but it was still amazing to be standing next to him. We talked to Jason last, we asked about him directing Oscar winners, almost being the “Sexiest Man Alive”, (which was hilarious) and what his best prank is. Nicole talked to us about
why she got involved in the film and what her best prank was also.

Overall, it was such an amazing experience and I'm so grateful we got to talk to who we did. I'm so excited to cover The Meddler this Tuesday!


Saturday, April 16, 2016



Hi Cooper here,

Putting on strange goggles has never been so terrifying, or so I thought. I was transported into a new world. I saw a leaf, only one leaf. Then, the one leaf was a billion leaves. I was in a forest with trees as high as mountains. There was a narrator that told a story about a boy and his sister. Then they talked about all the good memories that happened in the forest. Then the story took a surprising turn. They talked about a lion, or not really a lion, a monster you could say. It jumped off a rock and came right at me as if I was the boy in the story. It bent down and put his eye right in my face. I closed my eyes in fear that it would hurt me. When I opened my eyes, I saw the monster open his mouth and his teeth made music. Whenever I looked at a certain tooth, it would make a musical note. Water started to flood the forest. The monster raised me up above the water and we swam. I had no idea where we were going, but the monster did. When he dropped me off, it was in a different forest, as cold as ice and white everywhere. The monster disappeared. It was over. I took off my goggles and the virtual reality experience was over. THE VR Turning Forest experience was amazing!


Saturday, April 16, 2016

Hi everyone, it’s me Lionel, again,

I just came back from Storyscapes & DEF CON at the Tribeca Hub at Spring Studios and it was amazing. I got to interview many virtual reality game developers. I think these were my best interviews yet and I really enjoyed these VR experiences and I think getting to play these games gave me a deeper understanding of what I would ask the developers.

These amazing developers put a lot of time and effort into these games that really send a message to the player about everything from the environment to playing Tetragrams. Anyway, I hope my next event goes as swimmingly as this one. BYE!

Friday, April 15, 2016

World Premiere of ALL WE HAD

Hey everyone it’s Ruby! It’s the third day of the Tribeca Film
Festival. I just covered my first red carpet for the World Premiere of the film
“All We Had.” Red carpets are so much bigger and more exciting than I imagined.
There were so many cameras and reporters! I even talked to the director and
star of this film Katie Holmes. Mark Consuelos, who’s also in the film, sure
told a lot of jokes. He even said we were the best interviewers on the red
carpet! I was also able to chat with Stefania Owen and the author of the book
Annie Weatherwax that this movie was based on.

At first I was nervous and unsure of what would happen during my first
interview but soon the excitement took hold of me. The event was so popular
that even Mayor de Blasio came out. Now I can’t wait to cover another red
carpet event. Kids like us are so lucky to be able to do this, it’s so much fun!


Hi, it’s Solomon here!

The red carpet on Friday the 15th for “All We Had” was amazing! We got to interview so many people, like Katie Holmes, Mark Consuelos, and Stefania Owen. I think Katie Holmes was so nice because she has a kid of her own and she knows how to talk to kids, but my favorite person to interview was Mark Consuelos. He was so funny that we almost didn’t get any questions in!

I felt really special because everybody in the audience was trying to get a picture of anybody that was in the movie. At the very end of it my partner Ruby and I were walking down the red carpet too exit the tent when somebody yelled “get off the red carpet the mayor is here!” and sure enough Bill de Blasio walked on the carpet as Ruby and I broke into a run to leave the red carpet before we made too big of a scene.
All in all it was a great experience and I’m really excited for my next assignment!


Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Greetings everyone. Garrett here reporting for Tribeca Kids Access.

I covered the red carpet at the world premiere of The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea on Thursday April 14th. Before the event got started, we had one microphone down and with that and butterflies in my stomach, what else could possibly go wrong?

The answer: NOTHING. Despite my partner, Camila, and I feeling nervous about what was happening, we had our questions ready and were prepared for the stars to come down the red carpet. The flashes of the photographers' cameras and the shouting for a good smile gave it away that directors, producers, and the actors have arrived. As for the microphone situation, with a little help from Sandy (our producer) and the crew, we came up with a solution - use the microphone as a prop!!

We met with director Bill Purple and his producer/wife Michelle Purple. The day couldn't have gone any better when I met Justin Timberlake. At first, we called to him but he walked away. Later, Mr. Timberlake came back and told us to ask him one question. Having JT's arm wrapped around you was definitely the best thing that can ever happen to anyone. Afterward, we interviewed Maisie Williams and Jessica Biel but never got the chance to talk to Jason Sudekis.

All in all, it was the BEST DAY EVER! With a dry mouth and achy legs, everything I did was worth it. I look forward to Pele: Birth of a Legend and the possibility to meet the legend himself.


Thursday, April 14, 2016


Hi I'm Cooper and I met possibly one of the best people ever. You know him as Shaquille O'Neal...I know him as Shaq. He is a 7’1 ft giant with a funny, lovable personality. His new documentary is about his time with the Orlando Magic. It talks about how Shaq and Penny Hardaway were players you could rely on. They were young and they were winning a lot. To quote Shaq "They were Kobe and Shaq before there was a Kobe and Shaq.” Shaq was the main event but another important guest we talked to was Jane Rosenthal, the Founder of the Tribeca Film Festival who happens to be a huge Shaq fan too. She and I bonded over that, and her daughter is a huge sports fan too. I met a lot of different people and they looked like ants compared to Shaq...I guess everyone does. That was my experience and what a great one it was.


Hello everyone,

Lionel Valentine (Tribeca Kids Access Reporter) here. Just finished my first red carpet, 30 for 30: This Magic Moment, and it was an amazing experience! I can’t believe how tall Shaq is, he is almost double my size! My legs quivered when I saw him. I also got to meet the directors of the film, you wouldn’t believe how many challenges they faced directing this film. They said that one of the main challenges was getting the story line correct. I think it was amazing getting to meet all of these amazing new people. This is Lionel Valentine signing off.


Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Hi everyone, it's Camila! I just got back from the World Premiere of The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. At first I honestly had no idea what to expect at my first red carpet, but as my partner, Garrett, and I practiced asking our questions with Sandy, our producer, I was able to get the feel of the event.

Once the crew arrived, Garrett and I began practicing the stand up with the microphones. Soon we realized that one of the microphones was not working! I was worried that we wouldn't be able to successfully interview since only one of us would be able to hold the microphone, but luckily everything ran pretty smoothly from there on.
Some of the highlights of today's red carpet were getting the opportunity to interview Jessica Biel, Maisie Williams, Bill Purple (the writer and director of the film), Michelle Purple (one of the producers of the film), Justin Timberlake, and the rest of the cast! Actually, when Justin Timberlake first walked by he wasn't accepting any interviews. This was disappointing since we were looking forward to interviewing him. Then suddenly he came running back specifically to us and we got to ask him one question!
Lastly, I would like to thank Sandy for this wonderful opportunity. I had an amazing time! I'm very excited for the upcoming events at #Tribeca2016, see you there!


Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Hey guys, it’s Fiona!

I just got back from the Opening Night of the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival, the documentary, “The First Monday in May”. It is a behind the scenes look about how they prepare the MET exhibit and Gala, directed by Andrew Rossi.

As I arrived on the red carpet I saw the paparazzi getting their cameras ready to take the pictures of the people I was getting ready to interview. As I was inspecting the photographers I saw my TKA Producer holding press passes with my name and my partners name, Layla, on them! Layla came and we practiced our opening and closing lines for the video. I was so nervous that I was going to freeze up or ask the wrong questions but I stopped thinking about the worst possible scenarios and thought about the best.

Now it was the moment of truth. We were called in to take our places on the carpet. We could feel the energy and our excitement was growing to meet our first victim, who turned out to be Zac Posen. Layla was star struck but kept it together well. Now the wave of well dressed famous kept rolling in, leaving Layla and I in the dust. Among the dazzling dresses was one I can’t forget, a beautifully stitched black and red dress worn by designer Vivienne Tam! She looked amazing. We met many super nice designers and I could not believe how fast the time went by. It was over in a flash.

I can’t wait to do it again.


Hi Layla here!

Tonight was a once in a lifetime experience. Fiona and I were Official Press for the Opening Night Gala of the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival, The First Monday In May. I had so much fun. We met a bunch of celebrities- Anna Wintour, Chloe Grace Moretz, Jean Reno, Jennifer Westfeldt and Jean Reno to name just a few! I was super exited when I saw Zac Posen.

I was really nervous at first but I gradually got over it. After each interview, the celebrities would hug me, and I know it sounds crazy but I freaked out with excitement. Throughout the whole time that I was there I felt my heart running a mile a minute. When we were able to access the carpet, Fiona and I started modeling down the long and silky carpet. I saw the flashes and felt like superstar.

Towards the end I was getting a little tired but I knew that I had to keep going and I kept telling myself "do I really want to choke in front of someone that is my idol?" No! When Robert DeNiro came down the carpet I freaked, then he gave Fiona and I a tap on the back. Tonight was busy, but overall I know that I will never forget it.