Meet Aerobo, America's premiere drone service and design company. Aerobo flies Hollywood-grade cameras on custom designed & built multi-rotor heavy-lift UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles). Aerobo also performs the majority of live drone telecasts in the united states using its proprietary drones. Aerobo is the first drone company in the world to fly a fully equipped stereoscopic Red Cam setup and the only to ever fly an ARRI ALEXA camera. Aerobo will have drones of various shapes and sizes on display as well as new drone footage for viewing. We will have aeronautical engineers, filmmakers and drone pilots on hand to answer questions from inquiring minds.

The Animation Chefs
The Animation Chefs have boiled down the secret recipes of stop motion animation. and are serving them up to young tech-savvy creators. The entire history of Hollywood filmmaking tools are baked into mobile devices today, and kids under 12 are barely older than the smartphone, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The Animation Chef's believe every child in this generation should go to film school. With the Animation Chef's webshow, and their newest project Animating Kids! they are using stop motion as the ideal vehicle to introduce animated storytelling skills to our youngest filmmakers.

The Art Bar is open! Participants of this dynamic ongoing workshop will have the opportunity to sculpt puppets, build and contribute set pieces and, through the charming medium of stop motion animation, bring a tiny world to life. Teaching artist, Joe Vena will guide budding filmmakers and on-the-go-storytellers through this exciting process. Art Bar will edit and share this ambitious, collaborative film.


Kids can visit The AUTOMATIC STUDIOS “Pop Up Studio” and experience working on a real movie set! They can go behind the scenes and operate camera equipment and lights or jump in front of the camera and fly through the air on our green screen! Ages 7 and Up.

GBNJ is a community organization that helps out with charities, host to their own web tv series, and make many appearances in full regalia with movie replica props and the Ecto 1-NJ to brighten the day and bring smiles to those of all ages. They will be escorting GHOSTHEADS director Brendan Mertens, and producers Tommy Avallone and Lee Leshen from TRIBECA ON LOCATION, to firehouse, to Regal Theaters and GHOSTBUSTERS and GHOSTHEADS screenings.

Manhattan Youth operates intensive immersion filmmaking programs for students in 22 public schools throughout New York City. Our backlot location will house a screen where you can see the incredible work of these young filmmakers, meet teaching artists, program staff and student ambassadors from our workshops, and pick up information about how to get your child involved in our free filmmaking programs!

Mayor’s Office of Media & Entertainment (MOME)

The Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment (MOME) will be on location, celebrating the record-breaking amount of film and television production currently underway in NYC. Festivalgoers will have the opportunity to get their photo taken in front of the official “Made in NY” step-and-repeat, and MOME staff will be on hand to answer questions about film and television production in your neighborhood. “Made in NY” merchandise will also be available for purchase.

My Tribeca Film

Have an idea for a film? Where does it take place? Who do you want to star in it? How does it end? Come share all the details with us at My Tribeca Film and even create a movie poster!

On Location Tours (OLT), is among the world’s largest TV and movie tour companies with tours in New York City, Boston and Washington DC. The tours feature sites from the hottest and latest on the big and small screens. Founded in June 1999, OLT is one of the East Coast’s most popular tourist attractions. Some of the bus tours include: our NYC TV & Movie Tour, Sex and the City Hotspots Tour, Gossip Girl Sites Tour, Sopranos Sites Tour, TCM Classic Film Tour, When Harry Met Seinfeld Tour, The Real Housewives of New York City Tour and the Central Park TV & Movie Sites Walking Tour. For tickets visit

NYC Ghostbusters

Stop by the NYC Ghostbusters booth to create your own slime, check out the screen accurate Ghostbusters props, and earn your "Paranormal Proficiency" certification in the Marshmallow Blaster Target Game!

Theatrical Teamsters Local 817 “On Location” Film Experience:

Theatrical Teamsters Local 817 with the help of James Leavey and Thomas O’Donnell will be on site with a High End Star Trailer and a Hair and Make-Up Trailer – furnished by Haddad’s and David Haddad; A Camera Car accompanied by Action Camera Cars’ Ultimate Arm and E-Bike Electric Camera Motorcycle – furnished by Action Camera Cars and Owen Holland. Come down to the Tribeca Studios Backlot and experience what it’s really like to work “On Location” in New York City.

The Tribeca ReActor

Introducing the world’s first computerized acting judge. Like karaoke for the movies, the Tribeca ReActor judges your acting chops in some of the most famous film clips of our time and lets you share your skills with friends.

Tribeca Shortlist is a new premium movie service featuring a diverse mix of great films and exclusive features personally curated by industry insiders. Join us at the Tribeca Shortlist booth for popcorn, prizes, and to have your portrait taken on our iconic purple sofa.