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#WarGames VR

Virtual Arcade

World Premiere

USA | 11 MINUTES | English |


Experimental, Drama, Technology
Kelly, an ex-military brat-turned-hacker activist, teams up with international hackers in an attempt to bring about peace. But, as events escalate, it begins to appear that they may have done more harm than good. #WarGames puts viewers in the middle of the convergence of hacktivism, modern-day espionage, and military intrigue.

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Project Creator
Key Collaborators
Eko, m ss ng peces
Jess Nurse, Maba Ba, Teodora Cristea, Nolan Lyons, Lucy Walters, Rasha Zamamiri, Muhammad Cunningham, Dave Coleman, Yahya Moataz, Princeton Perez


Project Contact
Alex Bird
New York, 10003
Phone: 9292603630
Press Contact
Emily Morris
TriplePoint PR
San Francisco, California 94105
Phone: 630 346 4936