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Black Label


North American Premiere

Spain | 11 MINUTES | Spanish | English subtitles


Erik is a night-shift employee from a lonely gas station; Alex is a regular at the shop. One night, something happens that gives them the opportunity to discover who they really are.

Screening with Shorts: Lighten Up!

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Directed by David Vergés

David Vergés has filmed commercials for brands including Audi, Volkswagen, and Samsung, music videos, and short movies. He knows the key to a good movie is a good script, and he likes to sum up his work in the sentence, "I just love what I do.”
David Vergés
Aldo Guenther
Guillermo Tato, David Vergés
Roger Llonch
Ramón Morejón
Tu Madre, San Leon
US Distributor
FREAK Independent Film Agency
Úrsula Corberó, Marcel Borràs, Andrés Herrera, Macarena Gomez, Cristina Brondo


US Sales Contact
Millán Vázquez-Ortiz
FREAK Independent Film Agency
Cáceres, 10001
Phone: +34 92 724 8248
Print Source
Marta Barroso
FREAK Independent Film Agency
Cáceres, 10001
Phone: 92 724 8248
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