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Day Trip

Shorts in Competition: Narrative

World Premiere

New Zealand | 11 MINUTES | English |


Drama, Crime

A gang member wakes up one morning and decides he needs a day off, so he impulsively decides to take a short ferry trip. With his tattooed face, black leather clothing, and prominent gang patch, the gangster is a fish out of water when he arrives in the idyllic small port town of Picton. The experience he has there will change his outlook on life forever.


Directed by Zoe McIntosh and Zoe McIntosh

Zoe McIntosh is a graduate of Canterbury University School of Fine Arts. Her graduation works were two short documentaries, Night Vision and Mail Order, which played at several festivals. Her film Lost in Wonderland premiered at the New Zealand International Film Festival.
Based on a Story By:
Bill Payne
Associate Producer
Bill Giannakakis
Costa Botes
Gareth Moon
Costa Botes
Primary Cast
Tuhoe Isaac
Zoe McIntosh
Director of Photography
Marty Williams


Costa Botes
Wellington, 6011
Phone: +64 4 3827688
Print Source
Lucy Cleary
Wellington, 6011
Phone: + 64 4 3827688