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Blood and Rain

New York Premiere

Colombia | 90 MINUTES | Spanish |


Drama, Crime

Taxi driver Jorge begins his night shift bent on revenge after his brother's murder at the hands of a violent gang. Having determined the culprit and on his way to execute his revenge, he picks up a party-girl fare named Angela, herself struggling with demons in the form of drug addiction. But when an accident brings him unexpectedly closer to Angela, his plans for retribution are derailed by the possibility of redemptive love. Over the course of a single night, the damaged pair nurse their slowly burgeoning romance, but must struggle against forces already set in motion, drawing them inexorably into the rain-soaked underworld of Bogotá.

Jorge Navas' Goya Award-nominated debut feature is a visually stunning neo-noir distinguished by its phenomenal sense of place. Bogotá's seedy nocturnal underbelly becomes a third character, its dark and violent streets rendered strangely beautiful as the backdrop of an impossible love story. Newcomer actors Gloria Montoya and Quique Mendoza build a tender chemistry at odds with this hostile environment as they careen toward a conclusion at once shocking and tragically inevitable.


Directed by Jorge Navas and Jorge Navas

Jorge Navas is regarded as one of Colombia's most influential new talents. He directed the experimental feature film Calicalabozo, and his short film Someone Killed Something won national scholarships and awards in the Clermont-Ferrand and Cartagena film festivals among others. Navas is also a regarded commercial director.
Executive Producer
Julian Girardo, Wilson Gomez, Carolina Barrera, Hugo Castro Fau
Jorge Navas
Primary Cast
Gloria Montoya, Quique Mendoza
Carlos Henao, Alizé Le Maoult, Jorge Navas


Press Contact
Manon Cerdan
Phone: 33 1 42 464 630
Talent Agent
Main Contact
Nanxi Cheng
Paris, 75009Phone: 33 1 42 46 46 30