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World Premiere

USA | 7 MINUTES | No Dialogue |


Female Director(s), Animation
Dorme (meaning "sleep") takes us on a magical journey into the world of dreams, that mystical place our spirits go to play when our bodies go to sleep at night. A beautiful and mesmerizing fantasy film, Dorme is a celebration of the sub-conscious mind, an artistic feast for the eyes and an escape for the soul. Told without the use of words, this universal story is about a boy lulled to sleep by a captivating melody only to begin his adventure of transformation and discovery.


Directed by Sylvia Binsfeld

SYLVIA BINSFELD started her career as a fine artist but became interested in acting after auditioning for a play on a whim and being cast as the lead. Her nationally distributed instructional video Your Child received rave reviews in Billboard Magazine and the Video Librarian. She has also written, produced, and directed a romantic short film called Hot Winter Night, which won second place honors in the Sexy Shorts category in the Zoie Online Film Festival.