Edge of America

New York Premiere

USA | 105 MINUTES | English |


Chris Eyre (Smoke Signals) hits the mark again with this sweet, uncompromising tale of sports and race on the Three Nations Reservation in Utah. Meet Kenny Williams (James McDaniel), a no-nonsense black English teacher who relocates to Three Nations to join its high school faculty. Williams has trouble fitting in on "the Rez" until he grudgingly agrees to coach the girls basketball team. Confronted with a roster that runs the gamut from shy to wild to pregnant, Williams treats all his players with humanity, kindness, and sensitivity. He molds the diverse group of bickering teenagers into a well-drilled team. But can Three Nations take the next step and make it into the state finals? Armed with a smart script and an eye for the truthful detail, Eyre crafts a realistic homage to the sports movie that will have audience members joining with the fictional fans from the Rez to cheer the girls all the way to State.