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Sam's Lake

World Premiere

USA | 86 MINUTES | English |


Drama, Horror, Thriller
In writer/director Andrew Erin's frightening feature debut, a brutal murder from the past haunts the small towns surrounding Lake Sam. After a disturbed teenage boy slaughtered his entire family, he disappeared into the woods and authorities never found him. Forty years later, Sam, a nature-loving city girl who grew up in the area and was named after the lake, has returned to her parents' lake house in the wake of her father's death. At the last minute, she decides to bring with her a group of friends for some relaxation and fun. The friends immediately notice the strange cornhusk dolls that hang from houses nearby; eventually, they convince Sam and her local friend Jesse to tell them the story of the murder and the yearly disappearances that have terrorized the area towns. Sam agrees on the condition that they visit the house where the murder occurred. It is in this decrepit home that the group discovers an old diary containing secrets of the legend of Sam's Lake. Set against the backdrop of a beautiful yet foreboding lake, this haunting film offers a spine-tingling story of twisted familial relations and the horrifying consequences of trying to purge oneself of the past.


Directed by Andrew Erin

Sam's Lake marks Andrew C. Erin's feature debut following six years of writing, directing, and producing Canadian TV pilots, series, and short films. Following Sam's Lake, which was produced by Mirovision/Maverick Films, Erin wrote and directed his second feature, Simple Things, a drama set in North Carolina. He is currently in negotiations on his third feature.