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Five Fingers

World Premiere

USA | 95 MINUTES | English |


Drama, Thriller
A startling cat-and-mouse thriller, Five Fingers is a brilliantly claustrophobic exercise in psychological intimidation and anxiety. A shattering look at the shifting morals of terrorism and covert torture, it plays like a game of chess where the wrong move leads to an excoriating checkmate. At the behest of his girlfriend, idealistic Dutch pianist Martijn heads to Morocco to start a food program for malnourished children. Shortly after meeting his British guide Gavin, the two are abducted by terrorists. They wake up blindfolded, in pain, and strapped to chairs in an abandoned warehouse. Headed by Ahmat, the abductors are skeptical of Martijn's altruistic motives. What ensues is a match of wits, one side outfoxing the other in an interrogation that intensifies with each harsh question and stern answer. Forced to question everything, and everyone, that brought him to Morocco, Martijn has only one choice: Solve the riddle of his captivity...or die trying. The mind games in Five Fingers are sure to have you speculating until one of the players declares checkmate. Director Laurence Malkin makes precise use of his tools: paranoia and claustrophobia. he cast is exquisite, delivering powerful dialogue, and escalating the tension with every subtle look and reaction.


Directed by Laurence Malkin

Laurence Malkin began his creative life in the theater, creating performance art pieces and directing amateur productions of Zoo Story, Betrayal, and Waiting For Godot. Since his graduation from the University of Southern California's School of Cinema-Television, Malkin has codirected and produced over 200 commercials and music videos. His commercial for Photobuys magazine was honored by the Association of Independent Commercial Producers and added to the permanent film collection at the Museum of Modern Art. Malkin previously directed and produced the action thriller Soul Assassin, which was selected for the Netherlands Film Festival, the Bergen International Film Festival, the Cairo International Film Festival, the Valley Film Festival, and the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival. In addition to his efforts as a director, Malkin has cowritten various scripts for several U.S. studios, and he is about to produce Death at a Funeral, which will be directed by Frank Oz.