Tell it to the Fishes

New York Premiere

U.K. | 10 MINUTES | English |


The tide is slowly coming in and Finn (Dylan Moran), a worthless low-rent hood, has been dropped on an isolated beach, his feet set in concrete. Finn's misery is compounded when Jack (Gerard McSorley), a short, hard and edgy minor gangster responsible for his predicament, lands a few yards away, also wearing cement shoes.


Directed by William Sinclair

WILLIAM SINCLAIR is a London-based writer/director. Tell it to the Fishes is his fifth and final short film before moving into features. His slate of projects is under consideration with Slingshot films. In 2006 he was one of only 8 people selected for the first BBC Drama Directors' Academy, aimed at fast tracking new talent into the BBC's flagship dramas. Sinclair is about to begin his third stint on the long-running drama series EastEnders.