Shaken, Not Stirred

Unknown Premiere

102 MINUTES | (Unknown) |


Expect the unexpected in this uniquely visualized collection of shorts that seek to illuminate the many moods of human relations. Swaying palm trees and breaking waves are the picturesque setting for Archipelago, in which a jilted lover left at the altar appears for a final confrontation. Hope to Die insightfully addresses teen suicide when two girls make a pact, but one has second thoughts. The dramatic harshness of Perfect takes male/female role reversals to a new extreme. Shock Act is what an actor might describe as "a role to die for," literally. Tackle Box explores love after life ends with some very strange results. We conclude the program with Spoon Man, an unorthodox method of couples' therapy. Emotional and thought-provoking, this program ponders the bonds of relationships in all shapes and sizes.