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First Kiss

Unknown Premiere

USA | 14 MINUTES | English |


Carla, a spirited, 11-year-old girl is determined to experience her first kiss before she turns 12 in just a few weeks. She has everything planned out with David, a classmate and her crush. Everything seems to be going according to plan, until she runs into Tom, a punky kid from school who loves to give Carla a hard time.


Directed by Isabel Vega

Isabel Vega, born in Venezuela, moved to the United States at the age of 7. Not speaking any English, pictures became her translator and have remained so. At 13, she met director Fred Zinneman (High Noon), who sparked her passion to study film. In 1998 she graduated from Wesleyan University as a film major. Since, Vega has worked as a cinematographer and an associate producer. Recently, she has focused on documentaries, working as an associate producer on projects for HBO Films and Lifetime Television. Currently, she divides her time between post-production on a short film she shot in the West Indies and the writing of her first feature.