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How to Make Friends

Unknown Premiere

U.K. | 7 MINUTES | English |


The story of a mother, who at her wit's end, invites two neighborhood girls to her home with the hopes that they can befriend her lonely 11-year-old son. She's completely surprised by the end result. How To Make Friends is a warm, touching, and funny look at the growing pains of childhood.


Directed by Kara Miller

Kara Miller was born in 1974. She grew up in Jamaica and Barbados and studied law at Oxford University. Her film and TV writing credits include Lolapalooza, a greenlit feature in development with Working Title Films, and 22 episodes of Boo!, from BBC/Tell-Tale Productions. Her directing credits include Cheese Makes You Dream (2003) and Elephant Palm Tree (2004). Future directing projects include Betty Boxill, a teen romantic comedy, and Mango Season, a Jamaican comedy-drama.