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In a remote desert on an unspecified planet, a large terraforming robot – called a MEK – has gone down. A lone serviceman has been sent out into the hostile, unforgiving location to repair the machine, only to find... he’s not alone. Surrounding his campsite are seven fierce Rock Creatures, weaponized monsters who were believed to have gone extinct after the war. Armed only with the tools of his trade and a campfire to keep the creatures at bay, the old serviceman is paid an unlikely visit in the middle of the night by a young surveyor, unaware of the threat surrounding them. Together the serviceman and surveyor must survive the night before the campfire dies out.

Explore the layouts and sketches that inspired the film, created by Sridhar Reddy and prize-winning graphic novelist Paul Pope.
D-don't Shoot~! I just saw the fire...
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Behind the Scenes
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Co-Director/Co-Writer. Living and working out of NYC, Paul has been recognized as a Master Artist by the American Council of the Arts. He works in many different media, including film and fashion, though is most widely noted for his work in comics and graphic novels. His most recent book release, Battling Boy, debuted at #1 on The New York Times bestseller list. 7x6x2 is his first time behind the camera.

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Sridhar Reddy is a narrative film writer, director and producer who is currently developing the big-screen adaptation of the New York Times bestselling graphic novel The One Trick Rip-Off, by Eisner Award-winning graphic novelist Paul Pope. He is also executive producer on the feature film Chuck Hank and the San Diego Twins, directed by Jonathan Keevil (Bellflower), which completed principle photography in Spring 2014. Most recently Reddy wrote, produced, directed and edited the narrative feature film Lilith, which is being theatrically distributed nationwide by Nehst Out in Summer 2014. Reddy was a producing fellow with the Sundance Institute in 2005, and studied film at the Tisch School of Arts at New York University, and Molecular Biology and Anthropology from the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he was mentored in film under the late Stan Brakhage. Reddy is an avid painter and musician, and lives in Chicago with his wife and tabby cat.

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7x6x2 was shot in 2012 on Sony F65 and F55 cameras, to demonstrate the capabilities of Sony's CineAltaTM 4K cameras for the first time. The production featured ample opportunity to shoot in extreme low-light situations, slow motion, and in a wide diversity of shots that showcase the cameras' myriad abilities.