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Trailer: Could 'Yves Saint-Laurent' Be Pierre Niney's Breakout Role?Video description

Trailer: Could 'Yves Saint-Laurent' Be Pierre Niney's Breakout Role?

France's hottest young star finally announces his name to the world.

The revolutionary French clothing designer Yves Saint-Laurent has not one, but two biopics coming out this year, pitting two of France's greatest young actors, Gaspard Ulliel and Pierre Niney, against each other. Ulliel may have more recognition outside of France's borders, but Yves Saint-Laurent just may change that. 

YSL follows the life and career of the man who changed the feminine silhouette, both on the street and on the runway. In the trailer, we see glimpses of the Saint-Laurent's torrid personal life with business partner Pierre Bergé (played by award-winning actor Guillaume Gallienne), as well as the designs that built his name. 

Pierre Niney is no stranger to success. The 25-year-old actor has been a featured player at Paris' famed Comédie-Française since 2010, and has been in countless films, including the Tribeca Film Romantics Anonymous. 2012's Comme des frères and 2013's It Boy  further cemented him as a formidable comedic presence. 

However, Yves Saint-Laurent marks the first time Niney has really had the chance to carry a dramatic film on the big screen. When the film was released in France earlier this year, Niney was catapulted to a new level of fame in his home country.

And it's no wonder.

Even in the trailer, he shows the turmoil brewing behind the eyes of a genius, his obsession with perfection, and the quiet desperation in each pencil stroke. His international debut shows off the best of his skills--could he be our next Jean Dujardin? 

The attention to the craft that he's honed season after season on the stages of La Comédie bleeds into this teaser trailer. "I am Yves Saint-Laurent," he says as the trailer ends. Never a true word was spoken. 


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