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Who's In Line at TFF 2014: 'We Could Be King' & 'The Other One: The Long, Strange Trip of Bob Weir'

Everyone brought their own personal style to these docs. Here are a few that caught our eye for the Who's in Line series.

Film: We Could Be King

Name: Darius Hurst-Rodney

Occupation: Student / Football Player

Comment: “Football is a constant teacher of humbleness, ability, drive, and ambition. Football has also taught me the importance of academics as well as personal characteristics.”


Film: We Could Be King

Name: Delane Hart

Occupation: Student / Football Player

Comment: “Football means the world to me. I eat, sleep, and drink it. It’s the dream to me.”


Film: We Could Be King

Name: Walter Thurmond III

Occupation: NFL Cornerback, NY Giants

Comment: "The competitive nature and the brotherhood of football keep me inspired. My favorite moment was winning the Superbowl…”

Film: We Could Be King

Name: Richelle Jones

Occupation: Entrepreneur: Subway Sandwich Franchisee

Fashion tidbit/comment: "My outfit was intended to be fun, comfortable but sexy. Always bright colors are good. Alexander Wang dress and Louboutin shoes."

Neighborhood: Upper East Side

Film: The Other One: The Long, Strange Trip of Bob Weir

Name: Anna Roisman

Occupation: Comedian/Actress

Number of Times at TFF: "So many."

Fashion tidbit/comment: "Fashion: Fun, not thinking about the wind. leather jacket for any and everything. Skirt from Top Shop, Bag from Balenciaga and Jacket from The Reformation."

Neighborhood: Gramercy

Film: The Other One: The Long, Strange Journey of Bob Weir

Name: Mike Dubois & Nick Clemente

Occupation: Designed + Created graphics and art for The Other One film (Dubois), Worked with producer Marc Weingarten on the film poster design for The Other One (Clemente)

(For more photography by Jeff Fried, visit his official website.)


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