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Get Your 15 Seconds of Fame at TFF 2014

Pitch a movie in 140 characters or less to Heineken for your chance to have your #15secondpremiere during the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival.

Innovation and storytelling go hand at hand at the Tribeca Film Festival, which is why Heineken, the official beer sponsor of Tribeca Film Festival, is encouraging film lovers everywhere to take the idea of “15 minutes of fame” to the next level!

Heineken has masterminded the brilliant concept of the #15secondpremiere, a new social call-to-action that bridges the routine and comfortable behavior of tweeting with the exciting possibility of an unforgettable offline experience at this year’s Festival. From now until Friday, March 7th, Heineken is accepting film pitches via Twitter and will select one to produce as an epic 15-second short to premiere at a private event during TFF 2014. It’s easy to enter—all you have to do is put your movie pitch in a single tweet and tag it with #15secondpremiere.

But if you pitch, you’d better be prepared! One lucky winner will be thrust into the limelight at Tribeca Film Festival to serve as the face of the film and to introduce the 140-character screenplay and the 15-second short to an audience that includes industry professionals and the media. Also, you’ll have to be ready to field questions from the floor after your #15secondpremiere. 

Follow Heineken on Facebook and Twitter before and during the Festival to learn more about the #15secondpremiere initiative. Check out the full rules and regulations here.


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