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TFF Alumni ‘The Boys of Baraka’ Need Your Help

Help the Taharka Brothers get a new ice cream truck for their socially conscious Baltimore-based business.

We were first introduced to the Devon of the Taharka Brothers when Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing (Jesus Camp, Detropia) brought their fascinating documentary, The Boys of Baraka, to TFF 2006. The film follows four brothers—Devon, Montrey, Richard and Romesh—who are at-risk teens in Baltimore, one of the country’s most poverty-stricken cities. Knowing the dangers of growing up in the inner city, the brothers jump at the offer to go study at the innovative Baraka school in Kenya, which was founded to break the cycle of violence by removing young boys from their unstable home lives and poor public schools. Through the course of Grady and Ewing’s film, we see Devon and his brothers blossom at the Baraka school where they are given the tools that will help them succeed in their native Baltimore.

Seven years later back in Baltimore, the Taharka Brothers are still as driven as before and have dedicated themselves to building a socially conscious business empire. Led by Devon, the brothers respond to the lack of employment opportunities for young African American men by vowing to help themselves and others like them. They need your help to continue to thrive. They are starting a Kickstarter campaign to gather funds for their latest business endeavor: an ice cream truck for their locally homemade ice cream and sorbets.

The Taharka Brothers’ products are already are available in 60+ establishments in Baltimore but they need your help to get “activism on to wheels.” Each ice cream and sorbet is inspired by an artist or activist who has used his or her power to speak about social justice and peace. Langston Hughes, Richard Pryor, Professor Cornel West and Chaka Khan are all represented in the Taharka Brothers’ menu.

In addition to the satisfaction of  helping out  Festival alumni and a good cause with a generous contribution to the Taharkas’ Kickstarter campaign, other rewards for those participating could include tickets to a TBD premiere screening and after party at next year’s Tribeca Film Festival. Together, we can assist the Takarka boys in building a better and tastier world. 


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