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The 10 Best Vines of the Week: Fake Feuds & a 'Drag Race' Star

This week was all about teamwork on Vine, whether it was to create a stop motion Vine, help raise environmental awareness, or stage a fake rap duel.

One of the biggest competitive edges Instagram Video has over Vine is the number of users already using the photo app (around 130 million people.) Vine doesn't match that number, but that's not necessarily a bad thing -- a smaller community can aid in a user's visibility and encourage people to form bonds from all over the world, as evidenced this week.

The 6 Best Vines of the Week, In Our Opinion

Collab with Pinot, by Yves Das

In our interview with Yves Das, he mentioned that he'd love to collaborate with Pinot. Pinot read the article and the two decided to make this together!

KingBach or #KingBitch, by Eric Dunn

Eric Dunn initiated a Vine fight with KingBach that many were convinced was real.

So Eric Dunn wanna start Vine beef?, by KingBach

...And KingBach retaliated with this impressive comeback. They then shared their text exchanges to assure everyone that, yes, this was all just very well choreographed.

Groundhog’s Day Marriage Edition, by StellaRtwot

Even if you totally love your hubs, this is bound to make you chuckle.

Last call please save our planet, by alivine

This was alivine's stunning response to WWF's Vine challenge.

What is his name? JETHRO, by Jethro Ames

JayEBeats made a badass song for Jethro Ames, who then used it in an equally-badass Vine.

The Week in Celebrity Vines:

Cartoon Voice!, by Manila Luzon

RuPaul's Drag Race star Manila Luzon offers some great commentary on old-timey cartoons.

Champagne shower in Spain! by Steve Aoki

This could easily be a deleted scene from Spring Breakers

Stuck in elevator! by Maria Menounos

And, in far less glamorous news, TV personality Maria Menounos was stuck in an elevator and decided to Vine herself and that one other guy stuck in there with her.

And the Most Popular Vine of the Week is...

#MirrorLandContest, by JehReh

BuzzFeed dubbed this "The Best Vine Video in the World" and it quickly became the center of some very well-deserved attention. 

Julia Pugachevsky is Tribeca's Vine Correspondent (among other things). Check out her interviews with pro-Viners every Wednesday on, and come back every Friday for another round up!


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