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Get To The NYFF Opening Acts Series

The NYFF Opening Acts series will get you pumped for the upcoming festival with older works from P.T. Anderson, David Fincher, and Alex Ross Perry.

The 52nd Annual New York Film Festival, featuring all the most anticipated movies of 2014, can't come soon enough. This year's slate includes David Fincher's adaptation of the bestselling Gone Girl, Alain Resnais's final film before his death, Paul Thomas Anderson's interpretation of Pynchon's Inherent Vice, and many more! To get you pumped the week before opening night on September 26, NYFF will run its Opening Acts series, which will feature some of the best works from these directors' filmographies. This year, the Opening Acts line-up is mobile and will include screenings and Q&As in theaters across Manhattan and Brooklyn. 

If you're psyched for Alex Ross Perry's Listen Up Philip, check out his second featureThe Color Wheel on Monday, September 22. In this film, two adult siblings hit the road together in a formally and narratively abrasive venture. 

Or, if you're looking forward to David Fincher's latest murder mystery, you can reflect on his earlier Zodiac, playing Friday, September 19. This one is about the notorious  unsolved mystery of the Zodiac killer, which Fincher and his directorial team famously researched themselves. 

Before Joaquin Phoenix was in every Paul Thomas Anderson film, there was Boogie Nights, which is playing on Sunday, September 21. Featuring a fresh-faced Mark Wahlberg as Dirk Diggler, you don't want to miss this unforgettable account of the adult-film industry in the late 70s. 

The Opening Acts series runs from September 19-25, see the full lineup and get tickets here. 


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