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Crowdfunding Pick: A Celebration of James Lavelle's Mo'Wax

Help this music pioneer whose work has been deeply influenced by movies.

Platform: Kickstarter
Title: 21 Years of Mo' Wax
Days to Go: 7
Amount raised: 27k of 30k

I was excited to see this music Kickstarter for a pioneer who has been deeply influenced by movies (see the video above for the pitch/details.)

James Lavelle started Mo’ Wax records in 1992 and was able to launch his pet project UNKLE from it.  Whether he was sampling Sean Penn from The Thin Red Line, or Boba Fett from the ‘Star Wars Holiday Special’, or remixing the scores to Blade Runner, 2001, Romeo and Juliet and even Heat, his music has always been influenced by film. And with mix tape titles like “Do Androids Dream of Electric Beats” he is a composer of the most intelligent soundtracks to being a nerd.

Lavelle has worked with directors like John Hillcoat, Jake Scott, and Jonathan Glazer and musicians like Robert Del Naja, Josh Homme and Thom Yorke. One might remember his pounding score contributions to the film Sexy Beast. His label Mo ‘Wax had a 21 year run and now he is opening up the archives to create an exhibition with 21 years worth of music, videos, art and film related paraphernalia. If you remember Mo’Wax , and are a vinyl fan, the donation incentives are pretty awesome. Including one where Lavelle will personally DJ for you! If you are a fan of film soundtracks, you need to listen to the classic Lavelle mix: “Edit Music for a Film," and if you want to see this retrospective come to life, donate on Kickstarter.

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