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Video: Bono & The Edge Play 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' at a Dinner Party

When you're at a small dinner party and Bono and The Edge start playing "Sunday Bloody Sunday" on an acoustic guitar, you whip out your phone as fast as you can. That's what our friend Sol Guy did last weekend. Here, he shares the video and the story with us.

You might have read about U2's rooftop acoustic set last weekend at Electric Lady Land Studios in Soho, NYC, where their presence at the studio (along with that of Coldplay's Chris Martin) stoked rumors of a new album in the works. The band was joined by the artist JR, who pasted photos from his Inside Out project.

Tribeca friend and Inside Out: The People's Art Project producer Sol Guy was at an intimate dinner party afterward at which he was able to take up-close phone video of a once-in-a-lifetime moment: Bono and The Edge launching in to an acoustic version of "Sunday Bloody Sunday" right before his eyes, with Chris Martin on harmony. Sol was kind enough to share the video with us (below), and to explain what happened: 

"I got a call from my friend JR that he had just come from doing an impromptu pasting of his Inside Out Project on the roof of Electric Lady studios to support U2 as they recorded a very special message to support the upcoming elections in Iran.  

The world will see exactly what that is very soon, but what happened next only40 people got to witness. JR invited Bono, the Edge, and Larry Mullen Jr. back to his studio for what we call Family Dinner. The Family we refer to spans the globe and at these dinners you never know who may show up. We hold these dinners at JR's studio.  The rules to entry are simple.  You must be invited and upon arrival you must bring a gift for the house.  The gift can be tangible..a book..or a creative gift if you paint, paint,  if you dance dance, if you sing sing.. Thats the only rule.  

While I was happy to see Bono The Edge and Larry Mullen enter the room along with their friend Chris Martin from Coldplay, I did notice they didn't have any instruments with them.  I gave up on the fantasy and enjoyed the company of new and old friends.  However these cats are pros and while sitting with Chris explaining to him the genesis of the studio space we were in and why we had created it, someone handed The Edge a Guitar and then something magical happened.

I shot this on the couch...sorry it's dark, but keep listening, it's amazing...Only in NYC!"

Here are more photos from Sol's amazing night, taken by Jocelyn Gilead (pic above by Jaime Scatena):


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