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Large art awards series
Watch: Tribeca Art Awards Artists Show Us Their StudiosVideo description

Watch: Tribeca Art Awards Artists Show Us Their Studios

In this funny and inspiring short by Matt Black, five of Tribeca Film Festival's 2013 Art Awards artists - in which NYC artists give original works to the winners of 12 Festival categories, in partnership with Chanel - let us into their studios and their quirky creative processes.

Statuettes and plaques are fine, but kind of boring. At Tribeca, we give our winning filmmakers something a lot better: original works of art by world-renowned New York City artists. The 2013 Art Awards program, in partnership with Chanel, matches well-known artists with categories in our competition each year. 

In the video above by Matt Black with music by Nicolas Jaar, Robert Longo, Dustin Yellin, Erik Parker, Joyce Pensato, and Curtis Kulig allow us in to their studios to talk about art, film, pop culture, and what it takes to be an artist today. As Robert Longo puts it: "If you know what you're doing, you're doing it wrong."

The work of all twelve 2013 Art Awards Artists will be presented to filmmakers at TFF 2013's Awards Night tomorrow night, which will be livestreamed on

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