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Medium talks espn bikram 1920x1080


  • Section: Tribeca Talks
  • Runtime: 60 minutes
ESPN’s 30 for 30 Podcasts will premiere its first serialized season this spring: five episodes that delve deep into the complicated world of Bikram Yoga, a community grappling with its identity and survival amid sexual assault allegations against its charismatic founder, Bikram Choudhury. Reporter and producer Julia Lowrie Henderson and host and editor Jody Avirgan will discuss their experience diving into this powerful story that offers timely lessons for how we think about sports, gender, power and community, as well as play exclusive clips from the upcoming season. They will also be joined by ESPN Films’ Senior Producer Erin Leyden and NFL Films Coordinating Producer Ken Rodgers to examine the differences between producing audio versus visual documentaries and how these distinct mediums affect the stories that are ultimately selected and how they are told. Read More
Medium talks fof alexdakid 1920x1080
It’s impossible for producers to listen to the vast amount of new music being uploaded online daily. That's why multi-platinum music producer Alex da Kid partnered with IBM Watson, allowing him to efficiently sift through the vast and endless catalogue of artists that lives online and uncover the perfect collaboration for his newest single. Alex da Kid and IBM developer Joshua Carr will speak to the role AI technology played in their talent discovery process. Following the conversation, there will be a live performance of the song that came to fruition with the help of IBM’s cutting-edge technology. Read More
Medium talks fof arwethereyet 1920x1080


  • Section: Tribeca Talks
  • Runtime: 60 minutes
Over the past two years, Augmented Reality has proven itself an incredibly useful technology in many fields, including marketing and medicine. However, storytelling has taken a bit longer to adapt to the medium. Now, with major mobile hardware pushes towards AR, most people already have next-level immersive media devices in their pockets and purses. How can this developing technology deliver on the promise of great stories for mass audiences? Read More
Medium talks fof artificialintell 1920x1080 v2
Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are two tech advances with the potential to fundamentally change society. AR layers digital information onto our actual reality, while AI allows machines to learn in an unprecedented way. How are these innovative technologies being used to forge new methods of storytelling, and are they the future of immersive entertainment? Panelists include Fable Studios co-founder Edward Saatchi, Asad J. Malik, the creator of Terminal 3, an interactive AR documentary which is world premiering in the Tribeca Immersive program, Jessica Brillhart Founder and Director of Vrai Pictures, and Director of Product at IBM Watson Developer Labs & AR/VR Labs Michael Ludden. Moderated by Manager of Interactive Programs at Tribeca Film Institute Zeina Abi Assy. Read More
Medium talks fof blockchain 1920x1080 v2
Blockchain was originally devised for the digital currency Bitcoin, but the tech community is now finding other potential uses for the technology, from feeding digital kittens to funding films. Blockchain-based funding has the potential to enable new and creative stories to be financed that might have been turned away by Hollywood studio executives. Blockchain technology is being positioned to disrupt the traditional method of financing and distribution in the film world, but what does this mean for the industry? Panelists include the writer/director of Braid Mitzi Peirone. Read More
Medium talks fof educationadvocacy 1920x1080 v2


  • Section: Tribeca Talks
  • Release Year: ____
  • Runtime: 45 minutes
Virtual Reality is creating new and unique opportunities for teachers, creators, advocates and audiences to connect in meaningful ways. Leaders in the field will show how VR is forging new means to immerse its viewers in issues in order to inspire, educate and effect change. Panelists include the creator of SPHERES: Pale Blue Dot, Eliza McNitt, the co-creator of 1000 Cut Journey, Courtney Cogburn, Executive Producer of Oculus VR for Good, Amy Seidenwurm, and the executive producer of This is Climate Change and senior VP of and TV and Film at Participant Media, Elise Pearlstein. Read More
Medium talks fof interactivetech 1920x1080 v2
Entertainment media is finally evolving, and its technology which is revolutionizing it for the truly digital age. Join us in conversation with the world’s leading interactive video technology, WIREWAX, and globally-renowned tastemakers Netflix, Digital Reign amongst others, to unveil how they’re poised to ride this new wave of digital entertainment. We’ll get inside the minds of those who are leading the march and using interactive video to deepen audience involvement and depart from passive video consumption. Panelists include Dave Schlafman, Interactive Originals at Netflix, Evette Vargas, CEO of Digital Reign, Jon Dakss, EVP and Chief Digital Officer, MGM/EPIX, Casey Pugh, Head of Creator Labs at Vimeo and Steve Callanan, CEO and co-founder of WIREWAX. Moderated by WIREWAX Co-Founder Dan Garraway. Read More
Medium talks fof gamechanger 1920x1080 v2
How can you game faster, build smarter and meet gamer demands through creating games on the cloud? Come and play games created by New York City game developers in a 48 hour game jam and join them as they discuss the process of designing and building games on the cloud inspired by the theme "Acceleration”.

IBM will partner with the Tribeca Games for a game jam for 15 of New York’s top independent game developers. The jam will bring together 3 teams of 5 developers to produce 3 games hosted on IBM Cloud. These games will be made available for play in the Festival Lounge lounge at the Tribeca Film Festival from April 18 - 29 in New York City. Read More
Medium dunblane still 1920x1080
Following the Sandy Hook Massacre, a priest from Dunblane, Scotland reaches out to Father Bob offering support 16 years after a school shooting in his own town. The men bond over personal trauma and responsibilities... In the aftermath the UK reformed its gun laws; the US responded with inaction. With Monsignor Bob Weiss, Monsignor Basil O’Sullivan. Read More
Medium talks tumi thejourney 1920x1080 v2


  • Section: Tribeca Talks
  • Runtime: 60 minutes
Sarah Jessica Parker will discuss her illustrious career across multiple platforms in Broadway, film, television, fashion and the literary world. From acting and producing with her Emmy Award-winning role in Sex & the City to her current show Divorce, for which she has been nominated for a Golden Globe. She has become synonymous with New York where she lives and runs her own production company Pretty Matches. She will speak to the path she has so boldly crafted for herself to forge such achievements. Read More
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